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  1. turns out the obd2 ecu I purchased was faulty , Vince replaced my ecu and all is good with the starting etc now ive just got an intermittent misfire so going down the coilpack route , new coilpack fitted March 2018 but only a £60 eBay one ,
  2. Right had it plugged in again and it’s showing fault code 00282 changed throttle body for a known good one and still the same so thinking it’s a wiring issue , will investigate when it comes back from Vince and update on the cause , 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Idle control valve ? That’s built in on the obd2 throttle body ain’t it ? I’m baffled by it if I’m honest as the common things have all been done and some , what I really don’t understand is that even with the obd1 to 2 swap the problem is still there , the engine was stripped down to a bare block and re build last year with all new sensors crack pipe stat etc etc i thought maybe a broken wire in the loom but then again the looms been replaced too , its off to see vince next Saturday for cams and a map so hopefully he will be able to suss it out let’s be honest if he
  4. Hi Forgot to mention pcv has gone and breather filter in place , also running a catch can , thanks for the shout though ,
  5. Hi all been on the site for many years now but normally find my answers by searching so don’t tend to post much i have a mk2 vr that idles like s4it from a cold start , it’s perfect after a minute of holding it at 1000ish rpm my old mans mk2 vr Jetta has high idle when starting from cold but mine just hunts and cuts out engine is obd1 converted to obd2 problem was present before converting too so far I’ve replaced the following (not to rectify fault ) fusebox to engine loom engine loom coil pack maf plugs
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