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  1. Unused engine rebuild parts

    All parts ordered from Schimmel Performance middle of last year but didn’t end up fitting them, Parts are as follows; Ferrea - VR6 12v Stainless Highflow Intake/Exhaust Valves (+1mm oversized) x12 VR6 12v Heavy Duty Valve Springs Set VR6 12v Titanium Retainers https://www.vr6oc.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2019_01/Image1548105393.770677.thumb.jpg.2542667524564e5389896998609cc936.jpg[/url][/img][/url]
  2. Post the last photo of your car!

    My last pic, has been tucked away in the garage since May last year after a blown head and few other problems I decided to SORN it till this summer, next weeks it's going to RK Engineering in St Agnes for the headgasket repair also purchased myself some schimmel 263's and Schimmel's highflow head package - can't wait!!
  3. Supercharged 6psi new cams

    Okay that's a great help thanks Gaz [emoji1360]
  4. Supercharged 6psi new cams

    Hello I'm about to get some work done to my VR in February and was looking at replacing the stock cams with the Schimmel 263's does anyone know if that is too big a jump from standard if I'm only running 6psi?
  5. VW Golf Mk2

    VW Golf Mk2
  6. VW Golf Mk2

    VW Golf Mk2
  7. Hi mate, well I believe so! I followed your advice and checked the radiator all seemed fine, also tried the cardboard to see anything under it but nothing - I did however notice a squeal from the engine bay after it warmed up and my supercharger wasn't completely on tight, and i believe that was the source of the noise, anyway... onto the important bit! I took it to RK Engineering in St Agnes who looked it over, basically HG had blown but not going into cylinders (could see small amount of residue coming from block after spraying compressed air, he then tighten the nearest head bolt to the leak which he said didnt look like it had been done up enough, after that he put K-seal through the system and ran it for a bit, I am now no longer losing coolant and can feel the power returning slightly, His prognosis was new HG sooner or later, also SC stripped with new belt and smaller pulleys and boosted, also advised Spacer with mk4 head gasket to lower compression, and finally because my 3rd gear is starting to mash up maybe a v5 or touran 6 speed gearbox. So thats where I'm at currently, He'd put the car up in the air and told me it was generally in good knick but with a lot of these show cars (or ex show cars) they haven't been given the service they require. Ive been told its about a 2 month wait to get the work done but he can do the gearbox earlier
  8. Update! - On the drive home from work today car began to overheat again - checked expansion tank and it was empty, filled her up and took it steady on the way home (about 10 miles) and the temp gauge was barely reaching 60 degrees - not sure what to check now, thermostat? would a worn out water pump stop coolant flowing correctly? i'll pull the radiator off on the weekend and check it over Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. Seirra Cosworth recaros

    Was thinking of selling my seats can't seem to find any cream ones? Any ideas?
  10. Hopefully mate! Will park it in the garage next few evenings and see if I can see any puddles lol
  11. Just thought id update - Mechanic told me that some coolant hoses weren't tightened up enough and could see visible dripping from them, after flushing the coolant it was driven about and temp was back to normal, will be keeping a close eye on it though
  12. Thanks! I'm hoping it's just a gasket and I won't have to have the head skimmed! ??
  13. As title suggests I believe I have headgasket failure , over the last few days I've noticed when I've been driving for around 20mins I can see the temp gauge getting up to around 110 degrees, the first time it happened I pulled over and saw steam coming from the expansion tank saw that the cap wasn't sitting flush so bought another and it seems to have fixed the problem, however it's leaking oil from just below the crankcase where big block meets upper - it's not a lot but I can see residue where it's come out. (I've posted a photo not the best angle) I'm also not getting any hot air into the cabin is this synonymous with head gasket failure or blocked rad? I've checked oil cap and no creamy sludge on it also checked dipstick, ran car without expansion tank cap to see if it started bubbling but it didn't. Any help would be truly appreciated! UPDATE* It's in the garage currently and they're going to inspect it tomorrow (I can hear them scrambling for the calculator already!) lol
  14. This is amazing mate??