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  1. Few turbo parts

    Completely forgot about this thread. I will now be building the car due to new job and keeping the parts
  2. Reaperx

  3. Few turbo parts

    I will have to double check at weekend as its stored at my mums house. But I'm almost certain it's engine bay wiring ecu sure it had the lambda sensors in with it manifold and throttle body.
  4. Few turbo parts

    Sorry meant to get back to you been laid up for last week with a sickness bug. How much you wanting for it drop me a pm and will arrange to get it picked up.
  5. Few turbo parts

    Make me a offer if you want as I'm not entirely sure what everything is worth. I know roughly I paid over 800 but I'm not expecting to make a profit.
  6. The time has come to admit that I will never get round to converting my car to turbo. So I have for sale a few bits I have collected. t3/4 turbo kit with manifold (basically the eBay kit but think it could be missing a few bits like boost pipes and oil lines). spacer gasket. 440cc injectors. intercooler with bumper and front cross member moddified to fit. Obd2 conversion with ecu also have the obd2 manifold with throttle body. i am not sure what this stuff is worth so open to offers. I would rather it got used than sat in the attic at a relatives house. Also please be patient I don't come on here that often anymore.
  7. Mystic blue bonnet wanted

    Forgot to say its a golf I was too busy kicking the car and swearing at it.
  8. Mystic blue bonnet wanted

    Needing a new bonnet in mystic blue after local council put up a new fence and it fell on my car.
  9. Mystic blue bonnet wanted

    Needing a new bonnet in mystic blue after local council put up a new fence and it fell on my car.
  10. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Funds are low so just new battery to start with best getting it to start first then get it running properly.
  11. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Started her up after being sat for months. Started first time with jump leads ran like crap, hole in the radiator and fans not kicking looks like a shopping list is in order.
  12. Have you got any pictures of the damage
  13. If only I had the money I would have snapped this up. Unfortunately I have a shed full of turbo parts and a mk3 project waiting to be finished.
  14. 1995 OBD1 Coolant Colour?

    I gave my reg to euro car parts and got them to check on there system for me but they have been known to be wrong before. Could someone confirm this as I think I may have put the wrong stuff in mine.
  15. 1995 OBD1 Coolant Colour?

    Yeah it's the blue stuff I also have a 95 obd1 and that's what the parts company said goes in it.