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  1. Hi Guys I've had this issue for some time now, and decided to tackle the issue whilst in lockdown. I ordered some silicone pipes and joiners to refresh the coolant pipes for my VR. As I have MK4 V5 gearbox in my MK2 this has caused a bit of a headache with regards to coolant pipes. First off, i had to run the MK4 Thermostat housing which caused problems using MK3 VR6 or Corrado VR6 radiator pipes. The lower radiator pipe to the thermostat housing was making contact with the shifter tower on the gearbox, so some hacking/bodging was required there. The top radiator pipe (running a Corrado VR6 radiator) required some modification to make fit. I decided to replace the OE hacked rubber ones for silicone variants using all sorts of bends and connectors from viper performance. However i'm still getting leaks ultimately ending in overheating. Under heavy load, i'm getting coolant coming out of the aluminium connectors or in once instance actually blow the radiator pipe off completely! Frustrating given the money i spent on coolant pipes, joiners and coolant whilst the issue still remains!!! Problem is, they have to be cut and tailored due to what i mentioned above, i cant simply buy the like for like silicone VR6 pipes. So Im wondering, those who have run this set up or have previously, what pipes they have used? Or set up they have or had so i can sort this annoying problem once and for all! Thanks
  2. Storm Developments Or Stealth

    Yes. Stealth are very busy with no availability until end of next month! Sot it may be Storm developments if they can get me in sooner. But I'd like to hear peoples past experiences using Storm for remaps And will it be ok to drive the car in the mean time as I've installed 263 SP cams?
  3. Hello I'm looking to get my vr6 remapped, got all the mods done to my car. I know Stealth are the go to people for VR6 tuning. But its a bit far out for me So I was considering Storm Developments as they're a lot closer to me So Storm or Stealth or either!? Cheers
  4. Fuel lines

    Hard lines mate. That run underneath the car
  5. Fuel lines

    As the title states after fuel lines. Can collect if local to Berkshire area
  6. Vr6 mk 3 parts for sale

    How much for the fuel lines? Thanks
  7. My Mk2 VR6

    Cheers dude. First time i've embarked on a project like this! So progress is fairly slow, learning as i go along.
  8. My Mk2 VR6

    So after returning back from holiday. The day after i got stuck in. Started by tidying up the loom, wrapping the engine loom in conduit and the interior loom in tesa tape. Also completed the mk3 golf stalk swap I modified the dash to make the mk3 clocks fit, dont have any pics of this. But it was long and frustating task! Focuses my attention back to the engine bay, the servo and master cylinder where lookig rough. Didnt compliment the fresh looking engine. I removed em, gave them a lick of paint More updates soon.
  9. My Mk2 VR6

    UPDATE So i have been getting back stuck into this build again. Managed to get hold of pair of power steering pipes, which took me almost a month to get hold of! Not exactly rare parts either. But thanks to another forum member on here, i got one Gave em a clean, sand and degrease. Then i coated them in underseal, not a show stopping finish but its presentable, durable and hopefully wont rust!
  10. Mk3 Vr6 Grill and Headlights

    I have the front grill and front lights mate. PM me
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262504953260?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  12. VR6 Front Bumper (White)

  13. VR6 Dashboard

  14. [SOLD] Corrado VR6 Radiator Fans

    Deal. Do you have paypal?
  15. MK3 VR6 Fuel tank, pump and pipes

    I have just the fuel tank (no pump) if your interested mate. based in slough so not too far from you