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  1. Ok enough road trip business... lol Update business!! Got myself some Euro LED tails Mmm LED Reverse bulbs. Resistors all wired in! Now down to the car!!! Old and busted for reference. And here we go! Didn't take many install pics, but resistors tucked away... using plastic zip ties may not be the best idea if they get hot... Excellent. Need to get some good night shots, my parkade sucks for them. And holy **** bright!! Tron Out!!! (Shitty IG video lol) http://scontent-a.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t50.2886-16/10745461_793147787411959_925208782_n.mp4 And scored a cr
  2. This pretty much ends the first day, did more wandering around and got an awesome sunset at the marina! Tried a few night shots only a handful really turned out so heres two! End of Day 3 Distance = A measly 150km! haha Trip Total = 1430km
  3. Love all the old buildings. Baam ballin hotel... naah we didn't stay there, figured 400+ was a little to much for one night. And the Parliament building, did not know there was one in Victoria, but man it's awesome! Hey its us!! So after wandering downtown for awhile we decided to venture out a bit further and go find this old Lighthouse we looked up. Turns out, its the oldest lighthouse in Canada! It was part of an old military fort so we got to explore that as well, cost a wopping 7 dollars! View from the fort was amazing!! Fort stuff... And
  4. So Day 3, we got an early start (Much to Melissa's dismay, but she was excited for the trip as well so she obliged me and woke up at 4:30 to get ready) And then I woke up at 5:15, showered, got ready and we were out the door by 5:30am. The first ferry to the island was 7:00am and it suggested being there ready to board half hour to an hour early, so since i have never taken BC Ferries I figured best be there for 7. It was fairly dark until we got to the docks so no pictures driving through Van lol. Plus I was still waking up. And here we go! Got that upper deck... Er Berth. I like my ch
  5. For anything Audi A3 related the hashtage #lolbump will show you haha. As for accounts to follow. @topgear @jeremyclarksonofficial @wardog701 @danaldson_ - local buddy of mine, just picked up a B7 A4 sedan (Saloon? what do you brits call em?) Photographer as well Ill think of more i am sure...
  6. Hows about Day 2!! Spend the morning with my sister and her kids, farmers market, few kid games, trampoline etc. nice relaxed morning before hitting the road around 1 in the afternoon. Little cloudy of a morning, but good for a drive. (What day isn't though right?) View's through this area very different from the Rockies, reminds me a lot of italy actually and well makes sense since its BC's wine country. (some cool wineries there as well) Loving the new increased speed limits though! Majority of highways got a 10kph bump so the main highways are now 120kph (74.5mph) Makes a bi
  7. Well another road trip in the books done!! Figured I'd keep my travel journal posts going! Hope you enjoy them and well read them haha.. And definitely check out HPA great guys and love that shop... need to really stop going there otherwise I am gonna walk away with a turbo kit... nto that its a bad thing, well maybe since its half my down payment for a house! haha Here we go! Day 1... We have been swamped at work lately so after getting in at 6am working til 5pm it was time to hit the road! Full tank of gas and car loaded I was on the road, first up massive overpass going in on the south
  8. Well after I get back from Vacation some goodies are going to be on the way!! Yay! Updates to follow.
  9. Little photo shoot this weekend. S6 Avant, A4 Avant, Facelift A3, my 3.2 A3, Golf R, GTI and the Carrera (Photographers)
  10. I'm surrounded by mk3's!!!
  11. Haha yeah I sure do! I average about 40,000km or 25k miles a year. But that's nothing compared to my old man, when he was working full time he was averaging 100,000km or 62k miles a year roughly haha. (Not a trucker, just an oil field consultant)
  12. Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. Pretty lucky for the road trips I get here, I lived in Denmark years ago and it's definitely a little different. Well with all these road trips and miles comes some required maintenance. So had to get the oil taken care of, had a worn out rear wheel bearing that needed to be replaced. And since I was doing those figured it would be a good time to install some new goodies too! HPA's Puck mount, 034 Rear sway bar, and finally let the sweet vr sound free with a magnaflow. So with that done it was time for another trip to the mountains! Went to Panorama, B
  13. Thanks for the reminder! didn't even realize there was an actual vr6oc to follow!
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