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  1. Turbo Build

    Hi guys, I’m having an issue with the car, the car won’t run when the pro maf is plugged In, it just cuts out straight away
  2. Turbo Build

    They are from Volkswagen wide body parts on Facebook mate
  3. Turbo Build

    Bit of an update, here’s the car currently
  4. Turbo Build

    So this is how the car is now , engine is in , gearbox in Passenger drive shaft all bolted in , have fitted eibach front and rear anti roll bars , the car has powerflex bushes all round with fk coilovers on it. Everything has been replaced , new hubs . Bearings , track rods and ends , ball joints , wishbones etc etc Also bought these hefty bastards to help me stop! 334x32 discs with 17Z 6 pot calipers to go with them! Here's the rear axle that's all bolted back up Car looking sorry for itself lol
  5. Turbo Build

    Been a while since I posted any updates of the car, got my phone fixed recently so will update you all shortly
  6. Turbo Build

    Thank you mate ill leave them where they are, cheers
  7. Turbo Build

    Also where can I get the plugs for the 02m DRP gearbox as I need to wire up the revserse light and speedo
  8. Turbo Build

    My phone has not been working for about a month so havent been able to post anything but will when my phone is repaired. Right now the engine is in the car and is really coming along, lots of little bits need to be done but will take time, my Eibach anti roll bars were meant to arrive on the 21st after I ordered them 2 months ago but its still being delayed until mid december which is frustrating after it was originally meant to arrive on the 21st of october, I need a few bits of information from people who have done turbo conversions , are the lines on the Throttle body need to be connected to any water lines or can I just cut them for easier fitment with the fan shroud?
  9. Turbo Build

    Anybody whos done a turbo conversion give me any help here?
  10. Turbo Build

    Right , do I need an oil restrictor for my turbo , it looks like I have one built in, do I need a restrictor as well?
  11. Turbo Build

    Little update on how the engine is coming along , pretty much finished , have to get my 02m gearbox to a local gearbox builder to have a look and see what it's like and then change to steel shifting forks and recon the box
  12. Turbo Build

    Yeah it comes with a filter at the bottom of the sleeve I just took it off for the photo , yeah I'll be very careful of my fuel when it's all up and running
  13. Turbo Build

    Is this any better? Pretty much all I can do plus I think it's the same height my old pump was at a
  14. Turbo Build

    Damn I'll have to edit the housing slightly , because it has a large bit at the bottom of the pump inline the 255 so it sort of wedges itself in there