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  1. What exhaust to get

    Scorpion or milltek I'd recommend
  2. The 3.2 sump on a VR6 thread

    How do these sumps sit above subframe when fitted ?
  3. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Id be interested in this if i get on the rollers or not
  4. Hi mate me and matthew Harrison are there all weekend adi bradley in a seat for the sunday. Do you need addresses buddy
  5. Sound mate and yeah full weekend i will send details tommorow buddy
  6. Me and 2 others are interested for this event and maybe another plus one yet
  7. Looking for a Golf VR6 Owner

    Sounds interesting pete
  8. FI Engine building basics

    A lot of good info there thanks buddy[emoji106]. One question so if you have low comp piston do you still need spacer plate?
  9. Bosch 044

    Just for the one unless you want to sell both together only
  10. Bosch 044

    I would offer 80 if you accept?
  11. Bosch 044

    I'm aiming for 600 with my build so would need 2 correct and what's lowest you would take ?
  12. Bosch 044

    And what bhp figures good for?
  13. Bosch 044

    Are they still working order for everyday use?