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  1. What exhaust to get

    Anyone know where to get one?
  2. What exhaust to get

    Thanks, I was actually looking in to a milltek but finding it really hard to find one for the golf VR6. [emoji848]
  3. Looking to get an exhaust for my VR6, what would people recommend?
  4. Induction Kit

    Does sound great as it is but need it louder! Lol
  5. Induction Kit

    Really, why not?
  6. Induction Kit

    Hey, just got myself a Mulberry Highline and looking to put an induction kit on it. Any recommendations? Cheers
  7. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Looks lovely mate, is it a manual?
  8. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Look forward to seeing some pics. Is it black or mulberry? 3door?
  9. (SOLD) Vw Golf Vr6 Highline for sale (3 door)

    Hello, is this still for sale?
  10. Golf vr6

    Hi there, is this still for sale?