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  1. hi guys does anyone know if mk4 lifters work on mk3 cheers
  2. its a club stand not concours so what a veichle looks like is personal preference
  3. it doesnt matter the thing that counts is that their still on the road so dont worry what anyone else thinks, theirs not 1 car thats perfect it doesnt excist
  4. hi guys,ive managed to secure a plot for bristol volksfest if we can get 10 cars uptogether or as near to it,for the weekend,if interested please put names down if interested
  5. any club members wanting any new air filters from just foam to full induction kits drop me a message for good deals for club members
  6. hi guys anyone up for any club stands at a few shows this year and get club more active
  7. hi guys does anyone know if the mk4 will fit vr cheers
  8. need to take ecu out and find a company near you who can delete it
  9. any ideas on clicking clock clusters and no ign power on clocks would it be power issue to starter? its not batt issue as brand new yellow top on their any ideas so can bypass items more quickly
  10. does anyone know if the mk4 will fit the vr or they different cheers all
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