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  1. has anyone got the above they want to part with bless
  2. from the 90s to this day cant beat sound of vr😎😎
  3. main thing is enjoy it and do it for yourself😎
  4. yeap, crazy weather again today,so you boosting your vr
  5. yeap your right, a lot just come and go,so i see your local to where i am
  6. yea its not great on face book and a lot of keyboard wariors on their,here the roots of it
  7. thats a good price tbh, just do bit by bit
  8. need much work or just tidy up
  9. hiya guys just seeing if anyone has a brochure they would be happy to sell bless dale
  10. hi rod main concerns would be signs of a lot of rot, but tbh being an import you should be a good to go basis
  11. welcome mate nice vr6 being in family from new,just keep her tip top and you wont go wrong😉
  12. hi jez its still active but seems to be much smaller number now,but still worth keeping the group alive🙂
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