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  1. Bumpty any interest
  2. Pmd you
  3. As new golf vr6 red samco hoses complete not on veichle long Sensible offers
  4. That would be handy, interior stripped now dash out, but immob box can be plugged back in and away she goes but will need to be trailered or worst case I'd drop lump out and put on pallet
  5. Ok tbh I'm hoping it goes complete as just need space back now
  6. Didn't WANa break really but had a plan for my caddy so had to stick with it otherwise it would been another car sat around doing nothing
  7. I know all about that but didn't stop me for long lol around 80 as a rare bit of kit now and obsolete and not many ppl know how much time it saves
  8. Would you be interested still if got courierd to you
  9. I think what your talking about is the plate which you don't need whole gbox for
  10. Ok ideally WANa sell a whole but am selling the conversion plate seperate to convert so don't have to go hydraulic
  11. What were you after
  12. Gloucester
  13. Basically full running gear available but a lot of interior going into my caddy but ask as may have it cheers