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  1. I think what your talking about is the plate which you don't need whole gbox for
  2. Ok ideally WANa sell a whole but am selling the conversion plate seperate to convert so don't have to go hydraulic
  3. What were you after
  4. Gloucester
  5. Basically full running gear available but a lot of interior going into my caddy but ask as may have it cheers
  6. Hi guys looking at arranging a club stand at this years fest if any of you guys are interested we got to have a min of 10 cars for stand and wknd ticket 35 inc camping but am awaiting verification on this but you can go to their web page and shows everything about the event again if any takers just post up cheers guys
  7. Hi guys how many of you would be interested in a club stand at this yrs stoner park in June, I'm waiting on more info from organisers but it's a proper chilled out show but just post up if interested cheers all
  8. Hi guys anyone got any 4 pots lyin around as could be interested cheers
  9. Any interest
  10. Hi guys opened small bodyshop now and anyone who uses me furies or need let me know as don't mind passing discount to fellow members cheers guys
  11. Try jags
  12. You can but not advisable
  13. In Gloucester
  14. Yes mate