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  1. A few extra days of overtime over the last year or two 😝
  2. Thanks Matt but not the scrapyard! But thought of it has crossed my mind few times!
  3. Last picture before it went to....
  4. I checked the headlight switch and noticed the head lamp adjusters funny the things you don't notice not driving the car in 4 years!
  5. Hi guys just finishing off some work on the vr I came across these two 3pin plugs and I don't know what they are can anyone help me please. Many thanks in advance
  6. http://www.dutchbuild.com/index.php/en/dutchbuild/haldex-controller
  7. The standalone ECU is called ECU master here is the link http://www.ecumaster.co.uk/products/engine-management-unit
  8. I'm struggling at the moment with power steering and coolant hoses.
  9. There's more pictures on my Instagram account. J4ymiah
  10. Yeah I know! But it was enjoyable and sometimes stressful[emoji36]
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