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  1. My mates Vortech V1 equipped 2.8VR6 has ran a 12.3 @ 117.5. pretty damn good I'd say, and certainly the quickest supercharged VR6 time I've ever heard of unless anyone knows any different?
  2. currently looking to drop to 15"s and slicks for drag racing, with 280mm brakes of course.
  3. Well, managed to get the nitrous controller sussed out and (sort of) wired in. Although it isn't working. It should pulse the solenoids and gradually slow the pulsing over the time you've set it to, so it eventually delivers whatever you have it jetted to (by not pulsing but just opening the solenoids fully). I've got around 150bhp jets in there..... An intial test by brookster confirmed it was fiting the gas in but it was a bit of a "suck it and see" moment as the whether I could run it. I'd done 5 runs, managed a 14.3, equalling the time set by the other corrado when it had the 2.9 in it and
  4. not that hard. just jack up the gearbox end until you can get all the bolts out of the ally support bracket at the back and the bar that ges from the rear mount to the top of the box. then lower the box end down and tilt the box forward. you should be able to slide the box off the clutch and flywheel and tip the diff housing down between the engine and subframe and it'll drop out without hitting anything.
  5. New cables from Tuthill/Cablecraft. Note the adjustable linkage too, one end is a left hand thread so I can put a spanner on the flat in the middle and turn it to lenghten/shorten the linkage to alter the neutral postion of the lever. M6 ends for rosejoints and ball connectors. Shifter fitted. I intend to have it fitted a lot higher in the caged shell on a new alloy bracket, incorporating the crank bitand return spring too. But for now it's all experimental just temporarily fixed to the tunnel on a bracket. Once I know it all works I'll weld the proper brackets into the other shell in the cor
  6. Busy weekend. I'd had the carbon bonnet for around 2 years, been sat behind the sofa in the living room so I thought I'd put it to better use. Drilled for pin and marked out for aerocatch. Yes it's the other side but this is after cutting, the inner skin needed slight clearancing too. Aerocatches dropped in place And fitted Rear struts are too short as they are for a syncro. so i made up some extenders out of 50 and 60mm box section. I've had to order new gear shifter cables but decided to redesign how the shifter works too. I butcherd an old shifter unit out of a late model vw (can't re
  7. Slightly problematic day. Got the transfer box on, but had to totally chop up the downpipe and alter it. And it seems I have the wrong through shaft for some reason, must have been a mix up when I sold off the Vr6 syncro stuff. so that's a massive setback, can't do much else without that. And I've had to scrap one hub and driveshaft as I can't get the outer CV to seperate from the hub. Oil cooler plate fitted And tried a wheel on.
  8. For those who didn't notice it's a vr6 syncro bellhousing on the gearbox. 4 motion bits? Got a Peloquin diff for the rear, that's about it really. What are you after? Eatthis off here owns my old 3.2 4motion.
  9. I've ran vr6 engined cars for years. Mk2 golfs, corrados, even a mk4 4motion, been through them all in 12v and 24v apart from the 3.6. My other Corrado has been off the road for a few years but I just font have the time or money to finish the caged up shell to a standard I'd be happy with at the moment. I've been ammasing parts for years, buying, trying all sorts until I've ended up with the ultimate stuff I could possibly afford. I just wanted a quick and easy way of getting back out on track so everything bar the 4wd and supercharged 3.2 is going into this shell for a dry run.
  10. I've counted up that this is in fact my 9th VR derived engine, lol! can't keep away from them! I started pulling it apart this afternoon. It's a weird one. It had full beige leather recaros, air con and headlamp washers (including the huge 7L washer bottle). and also had a transponder immobiliser, I've never seen one of those on a Corrado before. As per usual, thermostat housing and crack pipe has crumbled away, chains need doing and gearbox has an almighty leak on it, but all that will be coming off. I've put it in this thread as all the work I'm doing to it is essentially going to be ongoing
  11. haven't done much on the corrado this year, but i've got my Vortech V9 supercharger back now :-) bring it on! Back axle is nearly done, once that's finished it can come off for powdercoating and I can get on with finishing the shell off.
  12. Looking good John! God I miss this car so much, been kicking myself over the last few months for ever letting it go, want to sell it back!? nice to see it's being used properly. Love the wheels (do them black) but sorry, HATE that front bumper, ruins the car for me :-( Can't wait to see what times it'll run now!
  13. The bell housing and sump don't need to "line up", the stock VR sump doesn't bolt to the bellhousing, just that flimsy tin clutch cover bolts to it. You no longer need that cover, as the sump covers it.
  14. As promised, I had a look at fitting the Audi 3.2 sump on the VR. I've heard of people fitting the R32 sump, but that's pointless, as the mk4 R32 sump is the same as the 4motion one, and literally just an alloy version of the VR6 one. The audi 3.2 one however (and the mk5 R32 I guess, don't know for sure) is shallower, and baffled from the factory. Here goes. Firstly, bear in mind this is a damaged sump. The plank who removed the engine from the A3 just dropped it, and smashed the sump to bits...cheers for that... Here's the plastic baffle. well, half of it, the other bit was smashed off. It's
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