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  1. How do these sumps sit above subframe when fitted ?
  2. Id be interested in this if i get on the rollers or not
  3. Hi mate me and matthew Harrison are there all weekend adi bradley in a seat for the sunday. Do you need addresses buddy
  4. Sound mate and yeah full weekend i will send details tommorow buddy
  5. Me and 2 others are interested for this event and maybe another plus one yet
  6. A lot of good info there thanks buddy[emoji106]. One question so if you have low comp piston do you still need spacer plate?
  7. Just for the one unless you want to sell both together only
  8. I would offer 80 if you accept?
  9. I'm aiming for 600 with my build so would need 2 correct and what's lowest you would take ?
  10. And what bhp figures good for?
  11. Are they still working order for everyday use?
  12. Have you gave the valves a squeeze by the door hinge sometimes they get blocked up quite bad
  13. 9mm tubing and replace you can feed tubing through to and keep existing tubing there that's what I did on mine
  14. It's a shame I missed all this as day before this show my engine popped hopefully this year with a vrt
  15. I was thinking a little lag for drive train reason but would like to be about 500 bhp
  16. Hi dave could you hold till end of month please ?
  17. Found a holset hx40 17cm is that to big or is that the right size before I buy don't want to spend twice
  18. Awesome is 16cn for hx40 about right for a vr then still new to this and learning
  19. Is there any online stockists still for the holset turbos after reading that thread I think I will start my build with one of them to begin with before replacing when time is due for a garret
  20. What would be total approx figure one can achieve from the hx35 on a vr6?
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