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  1. I’ve got a bde one runs a lot smoother than earlier ones imo
  2. They just have variable inlet the early ones
  3. I’d imagine an r32 would be the same that’s the oil pump guide yea?
  4. Got any pics of the job? Sounds a lot that 2 tubes lol
  5. Not needed neither of mine mk3 and 4 had them
  6. 2.8s are stronger than 32s bottom end are good for around 400 other than that ur gonna need some hard ward plus reliability
  7. Hopefully not scrap yard looks beaut
  8. Air filter lol 4bars hold better fuel pressure had one on my old mk3 vr6 aswell
  9. No probs, I have a bde myself that’s mapped miltek r32 down pipes and headers de cat and non res cat back, s2000 filler and a 4bar regulator goes like stink and revs happily to 7200, hopefully an r32 inlet throttle body or short runner at some point [emoji1305]
  10. Not personally no, bde’s have everything a r32 has in regards to vvt etc just different inlet manifolds, early 24vs are a lot different not really sure u’ll benefit from making it a 3.0
  11. You will need a r32 crank and custom rods to make an r30, is it a bde engine?
  12. Seems bit alot min of 25 people
  13. In regards to wiring in a switch can this be done on/off while driving? On reason I ask is I think 0-60 times are quicker front drive when I've removed the fuse
  14. Pressurise where ur brake fluid is then bleed if from there
  15. I'm interested in this [emoji1303]
  16. Interested just need to know a definite date
  17. 4mo has plus and minus, not great off the line but once rolling it shifts with a few tweaks[emoji6] plus got my Porsche wheels waiting to Go on
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