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  1. 022109513a AUE Slider Rail

    Yeah, I wish I'd held out for a BDE but this AUE came up super cheap 😁
  2. 022109513a AUE Slider Rail

    Yup and the later ones have vvt on inlet and exhaust. iirc it was changed due to emissions as all engine codes make the same power.
  3. 022109513a AUE Slider Rail

    The 2.8 24v with engine code "BDE" has a similar timing chain setup to the R32. The 2.8 24v with AQP and AUE engine codes work on a completely different setup to the R32. My engine is an AUE.
  4. 022109513a AUE Slider Rail

    It's for the timing chain, the R32 item is a completely different shape unfortunately It appears to be completely unique to the 24v engines with AUE and AQP engine codes.
  5. vwooks

  6. 022109513a AUE Slider Rail

    Hi all, clutching at string here but here goes. I'm putting a 24v VR6 into my MK2 Golf. I just need the final piece of the jigsaw. I am desperately trying to find a chain tensioner/slider with the part number "022109513a" its no longer available from VW and so far I have not found another supplier. I have managed to get a 3D printed version of this part but I am not confident the plastic is up to the job. I have also been in contact with VW classic parts in Germany, they have the part on order but couldn't tell me when it would be available. So does anyone have one knocking about or know where I could get one? It's no.14 on the parts diagram.