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  1. Its £10 this time. maybe next time you will be buying from him and it you will be paying alot more. why sould people like neil get away with it.
  2. Neil can you tell me if popeswood garage is open???
  3. This is soo funny check out his old posts he has edited them all, shame i did my homework befor opening this dispute and have copy and pasted the windows and all the info. Am watching him on other forums ect ect
  4. This just proves that good people can turn bad and he as already changed his location to "someware" Neal just to let you no i do have your address your house number is 7 your address behins with broom Iv passed all this on to paypal and small claims court. why should you get away with this. Im doing this for my £10 any for anyone eles that may buy from you in the fouture even tho you want your account locked!
  5. 1. £10 is £10 It goes towards my savings for a new car when i got bills coming outa my ears 2. Iv already got your address. 3. Iv already spoke to paypal who have gave me some great infomation.
  6. Paid for a cat (exhaust) off him thur paypal wanted payment as gift . My car broke and wasnt driveable asked for a refund as i couldnt make it to pick the item up and wont refund me!!!
  7. No problem , glad your happpy with
  8. Yeh it does look turquoise you no the saying buy cheap buy twice lol. Im selling my blue ones if anyone wants em
  9. Yes they are auto ecu's , im alreayd haveing problems fitted a autobox from a corrado not sure if my ecu is causeing the fault!
  10. what does the two larst letters mean on the end of part number eg. 1h1 927 739 as and 1h1 927 739 dd and 1h1 927 739 am and 1h1 927 739 bh are they interchangeable
  11. http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=680380022 thats his facebook also say he Lives in Prudhoe if that helps
  12. He hasnt been back online in over a month. so to me proves he got somethink to hide / worry about. contact him for a refund. nothink less
  13. defo sounds like a lose wire/copper fitting under the gearstick!
  14. Sorry to hi-jack can someone tell me what type abs pump can bleed its self thur vag-com
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