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  1. 24v ignition upgrades

    If you have nothing HELPFUL to say, get off my post.
  2. 24v ignition upgrades

    Wrong. You know you can heat soak spark plugs and cause it to pre-ignite? And too weak of plugs can cause carbon deposits?
  3. 24v ignition upgrades

    Just because you're running 20psi doesn't mean you aren't missing something.
  4. 24v ignition upgrades

    Because more spark is always good.
  5. 24v ignition upgrades

    What have you guys done to increase spark on your 24vs?
  6. Corrado Vr6

    Real clean. I like it.
  7. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Catch can is a must. I hate pressure valves.
  8. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Fitted a new vacuum tube for my brake booster and a 4 bar FPR. Ready to install my transmission if it'll ever stop raining!! Had some spacers made for engine and trans mounts to lift 1 inch. I'm excited.
  9. Looking for a Golf VR6 Owner

    Where can we find it? I would have but I didn't see this post [emoji30]
  10. US meets

    Any east coast meets left this year?
  11. 24v vr6 fuel injectors DIY

    Absolutely have to drop that plate. No way around it. You can pull all those pumps off without breaking the fluid lines, use a spanner wrench to get underneath the pulleys. The clips for those hoses can be tricky, and on my car, you have to mash the hell out of them. Which bolt broke off?
  12. 24v vr6 fuel injectors DIY

    You don't NEED to break loose any lines, they will all lay back enough. Maybe grab a bucket or something to set them on.
  13. 24v vr6 fuel injectors DIY

    All of your accessories need to come off, ac ps alternator etc, because one bolt of the intake is behind the bracket for them. Once those are out of the way, disconnect your vacuum tubes and hoses, and plugs. Anything in the back side of the intake and anything connected to the throttle body. Work slow and you'll figure it out. It's not hard it's just time consuming. If you're worried, take pictures so you know how it goes back.
  14. Single mass flywheel

    I know my 24v disc and pressure plate fit on it. It's all so very tempting.
  15. Single mass flywheel

    Yeah I thought about that as well. The teeth sit the same length from the motor, but that's not to say it'll work. I'd like to try it to see, but I'd rather have it driving haha. I'm waiting on a flywheel bolt in the mail, and had the flywheel hanging out and had the idea.