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  1. his poor family losing him and a 5 year old boy i would hate to even think about that happing to my son at such a young age his life hadnt even started.
  2. ive just moded one of these a standard one biut removed the DOHC and the VW badge so just says VR6 on the left of the cover nearly finshed it jus lost interest will try and get a pic up for ya..
  3. Seems good to me very low miles awel its had a few owners tho looks the same as mine same year and spec but mines 5dr silver with 76k when i got it full s/h i payed just under the 5k mark for mine..
  4. ^^^ but then were`s the fun if you aint got to maintain it all the time dont you just love workin on the VR
  5. lol ye thanks mate i think ^^^^ they mean they knew that you can do that..
  6. the mk3 vr is a quick car it will give most things a good run for there money and prob beat a lot of them to.
  7. petervr6

    new toy's

    looks good mate let us know when you get it..
  8. go with your instincked if you think some thing is to good to be true..
  9. the weight of new cars is a joke its allt he crap they put on them now days..
  10. petervr6

    MK 4 Golf

    cant beat a set of LMs on a mk4
  11. petervr6

    MK 4 Golf

    im liking the 17in wheels handle better but 18in do look better.
  12. petervr6

    Golf mk6

    looks like its lower to me the roof i mean like the shape of the rear screen doe slook similar to the A3 from the front view looking down the side to the rear..
  13. we do it at work to take it to kwik-fit mate its 19.95 for the clean out (debug) and a proper job and 45 to re-gas also when i was in VW the other day there was a sign up saying RE-GAS 105.00 not sure about cleaning it..
  14. now thats is what i call a wicked looking set of seats i really wana set of those..
  15. petervr6


    but that would fail an mot anyway so you sure theres not somthing else wrong with the car ?? and camber is a big problem on the mk3`s being aout and even when the tracking is done the car will pull if the cambers out
  16. now my 4motion is better on fuel than my mk3 was i think the 4motion has a better constant pull than the mk3 in every gear and dont stop i love it and it sound sooo sweet sounds like the R..
  17. ye must agree leave the skirts mate your aint meant to have them anyways
  18. you always get them sort of things seen a few R32 on there aswel for 6k buy it now. hmmmm dont thinks so they must think people are stupid.
  19. E38 is a good show a bit to quite for my likings i dont thing i will be going this year thing santapod is better but thats my 2 pence..
  20. ive just sold my vr6 as most of you may no i got the 4motion and im not just saying because ive got 1 noe but it pulls alot better harder than the vr6 and better on fuel aswel much much smoother all round better to drive. when i filled the vr up i got 230 miles to the tank wich was 48quid and 4motion i put 50quid in it and i got 265miles i think it was but dont get me wrong i would still love another mk3 aswel as a second car..
  21. petervr6


    bloddy hell mate your not far from me i used to work in acton on the vale..
  22. petervr6


    we had a power cut for 2days after that rain the company lost a lot of money.
  23. petervr6


    lol just asked my mate who is a tester and it aint got nothing to do with the mot at all there for its legal.
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