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  1. I got my ticket through...says VR6OC camping on it! LOL. Maybe we have a plot! lol.
  2. I have my tickets on the fridge. I will also be bringing my Adam. lol.
  3. Going to book my tickets mate and just put down Im with the VR6oc..whether we have a plot or not.
  4. Im in for sure...Cant believe you forgot about me! Lol.
  5. Ill look at the weather nearer the time, but I might come down on Sat morning and stay until the Sunday. You guys got space for a small tent and larger car. lol.
  6. Will just do one day probably. No way im camping in a tent in April! Lol.
  7. I might go up on the Sunday.
  8. I cant commit to this one. So count me out. If i have a car will turn up on the day.
  9. Looks like the Phatsat maybe making an appearance after all as my new car has been sold by the retard who said he was keeping it for me! Oh well.
  10. Anyone booked the weather. Cant be doing a third show in the rain! lol.
  11. Good work. Cant be worse than Brizzle tbh.
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