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  1. ye they changed late 1995 on the the oval stlye..
  2. theres a part thats has a plug with i think 4wires forgot the name it goes or its attached to the coil pack with 2screws these do play up as i have changed a few of them for non starting a misfires,... ohhh ignition module its called.
  3. halfords do a cheap set of axle stands jack an wheel chocks all in a set but cant remb how much 50 or sum fin
  4. petervr6

    No luck

    dont blame you mate i would want the same mate 2new or all 4 re-sprayed
  5. hi, firstly i just noticed another similar thread, but think this is a slightly different case and didnt want to thread jack... my bro has been driving 70 miles each way to work , so 140 miles a day, for about 2 weeks, close to 900 miles a week, and went through 3 or 4 water tanks in them 2 weeks, , thers no signs of leaks, the temp gauge never goes above 90 once warm, theres also no smoke or water coming from exhaust, he had the car about 6 months prior to this and has never noticed anything before,,,, could this simply be due to the amount of miles he was doing? car has done about 145,000
  6. not to sure mate the 215 could catch the inner arch on full lock on the front
  7. yes mate you need to cut it but i would cut it right near were the pipe goes into the rear box as the suitcase box (middlebox) are very expensive compared to the rear box incase you need to put in back on for some reson..
  8. yes mate any mk3 rear lights will fit or mk4 cab lights will to..
  9. Your having a laugh what you got now or are you going diesel [modified quote] ye got my self another Golf or course but TDI its pretty fast and get 45MPG and has every thing the 4Motion had on it apart from the growl.. sad to see it go but it was getting silly i was putting soo much fuel init prob 35quid a week and i only do 17miles a day to work and back.. so there are a few things have gained out of the change save 20quid a week in fuel the tax is only 110 ayea were the 4mo was 101 for 6months and the insurace is 13month cheaper and cheaper servcing..
  10. tell me about it ive just sold my 4motion
  11. ye its either 130 or 115 i ahve heard tho that the 115bhp is the best 1 to go for..
  12. well its not bad about the same as the mk3 really but the diesel will be better for the weekend travel upto ipswich suffolk. dont think its the 150 model as it has no wood trim or any thing on the dash.
  13. ye i was thinking about getting another mk3 the 4motion is ok but very thirsty an im doing alot of running up to ipsitch now as the wifes mum has moved an its just costing to much in the 4motion..
  14. ye i will pop in to vw and see im going to buy it anyway i think..
  15. the one im looking at its an 02 and has the red i but its from a trader but he said its a 115bhp but im sure the red i are 130bhp.. but sadly the 4motion will be going
  16. anybody know if i can find out the bhp on a golf tdi from the reg DU02XVE cheers
  17. mine only seens to do it every noe and then lately doent stay on all the time.. is it the black box with 2 connector going into it with 2 philips screws holding it in place or have i got the wrong part..
  18. i think they need coding mate thats what the guy at ve told me anyway..
  19. do the mk5 calipers and carrier fit the mk4 does any body know thanks..
  20. ive got the same problem my esp light stays on and my ABS light is also on. mine comes up with code that the abs in incorrectly coded but i had a guy at vw put it on the vag com and he said its that acceleration sensor causing the problem its a black box screwed to a thin bar/bracket i think under the steering colum.
  21. stolen form parkers.co.uk 4motion 5dr (g/km) 266 mk3 vr6 (g/km) 199 R32 5dr (g/km) 278
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