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  1. Morning Folks My m8 has an issue with their Passat that when their going at low speed and turning the steering wheel there is a knocking noise. They have taken the car to a local garage that has replace a lot of components over the last two years here is the list of already changed parts - 2 top arms left front - main spring around shock left front - rear bottom arm left rear - front bottom arm left front - anti rollbars both sides front the garage seem to think that it could be the steering arm or maybe even the steering rack but before they go ahead with this my m8 would like a second opini
  2. thanks for the reply bungy i found it was a spring that had exploded in my seat which i controlled the seat rising mechanism. it was a massive spring which is why the sound was so great
  3. Hi all i was driving to work today and i had a massive bang go what felt to be under the seat but outside the car. i was trying to work out what it could be as when i looked under the car there was no oil coming from the haldex unit and it was not making a noise as if the prop shaft had broken. so far i think i have the following idea's to what it could be 1.Bushes on the rear subframe (car is a 2001 done 70k) 2.rear axl bushes 3.issue with 4wheel drive components
  4. I've had my 3motion for years and it was always awsome in the snow however this year I spun it at low speed and missed a car by a inch!! It really was a brown trouser moment. So I wud say out of all the years I have had it I wud say it's pretty gd and it's standard. I just fink we were cought out as my m8 wrote off his mk5 r at 30 in the snow this year
  5. Sorry I have been away from the forum. There are 2 usual sources for leaks First if the rear screen is leaking then its usually as said before spraying water down into the boot. If this is the case get on it as it usually erodeds the boot latch and damages it's sensor The water by rear arch and around the lights usually comes from the sunroof if it has one. This usually means the waste pipe at the back of the sunroof is blocked. To clear this put ur hand up the wheel arch until u feel some squeezy rubber nipples (they look the same as the ones in the door) and squeeze them. U will usually get
  6. Yea my 4 motion came wiv pilots but they needed changing within 1k miles was tempted 2 go for them again just wondered wat people fort by the way craggsy the r is georgeous well jelious
  7. howdy to all i aint been on here for ages due to bein busy at work hope all are well and hope to see you at some shows this year. i wana know what people think about these tyre choices. i have now had two sets of dunlop sp9000 and one set of bridgstone toranza's on my 4motion and its time for a tyre change. what would you guys go for out of the following Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 Pirelli P Zero Nero (however very expensive) Dunlop SP Sport 01 Bridgestone RE040 Continental Premium Contact 2 not a fan of toyo's as they dont last long enough
  8. rossi was on his back foot already this year however this leaves it all up to lorenzo to prove he is the second best on the grid
  9. howdy all been a long time since ive been on just wondered was u guys think. i dont know if any of you have come accross the anoying fault of the rear washer pipe coming away from its motor. this results in you removing your tailgate trim. ive had to do this two times now and ive tried to cable ty the plastic however it does not help. ive thought of a jubaliee clip however unsure i can get one small enough. what do you guys think? here is a few images of what it looks like
  10. ross brawn is worried about their car this year alonso is the one to worry about which pains me to say as im routing for lewis
  11. not as nice as the RSI that was at billing the one year that was very cool
  12. http://www.ghostridermovie.net/start.html
  13. fairly tame ghost rider is the person u want to watch if he is still alive
  14. craggsy the sp9000 are very good i had them on me 4motion and they were a very good alround boot
  15. pimpcat


    they always use the headlites are not aligned correclty if there looking for a way to charge you more
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