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  1. NIce cheers mate just what i wanted to hear.
  2. can any anybody tell me if the rear brakes are the same coz they look the same to me. i know the front are much bigger as im looking at changing the brakes on the 4motion to the r32 brakes but just wanted to see if the rear`s were the same and should i change them or not if the re the same i will just paint my clipes to match the front in blue. thanks pete.
  3. only coz gsf car parts WHEEL ARCH TRIM-FRONT LH £28.00 WHEEL ARCH TRIM-FRONT RH £28.00 WHEEL ARCH TRIM-REAR LH £46.50 WHEEL ARCH TRIM-REAR RH £46.50 SILL EXTENSION-LH £28.00 SILL EXTENSION-RH £28.00 SILL EXT RETAIN STRIP £12.00 SILL EXT RETAIN BRACKET £2.75 RUBBER GROMMET(TO BODY) £0.25 then we get the disccount from gsf car parts.. Im not sure how many retaining strips or brackets you need tho i would say x2 strips one for each side and x2 brackets one for each side..
  4. ye defo need to extend the rear archs with the wheels being that wide would look loads better but looks good mate all i would do is the rear archs deep front splitter smooth the bumpers and the lights in the frnt bump colour coded front grill remove the rear wiper and badge inpro front hesdlamps remove the rear spolier very light shade window tint that would then look perfect as you got a very nice base to work with although it looks nice now,,,
  5. imo the wheels look to big for the car mainly the rears but looks nice..
  6. or you ould buy a smoothed tailgate for 80 quid with everything http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=128089
  7. ye it will be very loud ..
  8. you going to put the mk3 dash and clock into the mk2 pete..?
  9. an ive got a smoothed rear bumper with number plate recess cut into it...
  10. the tailpipe will prob be to low to the ground tho and scrape the floor/bumps
  11. are you going to go 4 an R32 bumper also ?
  12. imo would say that that just wear and just happened that it went after you had the sevice done.
  13. cool i got 1 on mine also make it sound so much better but mine cost me but only 65 quid
  14. looks nice and a genuine R32 exhaust..
  15. but then why would they want to post it twice ? i.e he wants you to post to his friend then his friend to post it to him and he couldnt give you the address ? IMO i wouldnt post any thing out of the uk
  16. your doing a top job there fella keep up the good work. i know what its like mate doing what you can and when you can in every spare min in your spare time
  17. also claire any chance of a list of what is needed from the mk3 to do the conversion and how it all goes in any problems to be aware of etc oviousy when you done to tell us that bit..
  18. looking good nive enginr hoist you have there claire this is what im toying with doing at the mo and i want a white 3dr also..looks good and the engine aint even in yet..
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