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  1. VR6gaz

  2. Tints are off, they came off really easy but the glue has taken me 2 days to get off!!! :@ worth it tho its now totally de-chav'd
  3. Not been for a while again! i lost my job last month so some stuff is on hold :-( ive got another one but its just until something better turns up I have managed to get some coilovers tho i might lower it some more yet - just depends how mwny speed bumps i catch in the next few weeks!
  4. not been on for a while, hope everyone is ok Its should be taxed and back on the road in april (maybe may) with a nice newly sprayed front end and a frenched tailgate hopefully have some coilis too
  5. Easter weekend

    ill be at elsecar but not in the VR, got a new boot lid getting smoothing and having the front end resprayed then hopefully have enough £££ left over for some coilies
  6. ive scored 100 again wish id have picked this team from the start!!!!
  7. Got my brother back in a dub!

    they are nice' date=' but they wanna be for the money! £2750 with 4 toyo proxes t1s tyres its about £800 a year same as he was paying on his 106 quicksilver, i had a 1.2 nova at his age!!!! lol
  8. Got my brother back in a dub!

    haha like i said hes only 18 he couldnt get insured on turbo
  9. Hello guys n gals not been on for a while but thought id show you my younger brothers new MK4 GTI hes only 18 so its only a 1.8 20v non turbo 125bhp Its slammed on KW coilovers with 19" BBS rims and a full Milltek exhaust what dya think? [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1200063334_3531_FT0_10012008096.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1200063334_3531_FT0_09012008095.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1200063334_3531_FT0_09012008094.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1200063334_3531_FT0_09012008093.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1200063334_3531_FT0_09012008092.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1200063334_3531_FT0_09012008091.jpg][/lightbox]
  10. [poll] What new Company Car?

    id go for VRS out of those
  11. VR6 Colour Concept

    Nice car mate! and very well spec'd too
  12. selector has become detached from rod!

    I had the same problem with my B&M, i just but a bigger pin in and ive had no problems for over a year now
  13. mileage

    96 P plate 107k FSH