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  1. dont for get thought there 2.0 200bhp 4cylinder not putting the vrs down but there 2.8 6cylinder 174bhp see the differance.
  2. dont seem to work mate. but still dont under stand it all. is it the models without the side skirts that are obd2
  3. ive always had 3door but my last 2cars the polo gti and the vr have been 5door saves the leathers getting f**ked in the polo and its easyer saves me getting out coz she wount.
  4. hi every one i started my car this morning it was fine drove to work about 6miles parked up left the car for about 10-15min when tp start it and it cut out 3 times before it woujld run ok then done what i had to parked it back up started it at 6pm tonight i did it agian cut cout about 3times before it would run any body had this problem before or heard of this before thanks.
  5. ive got an m-plate 5-door vr wanted to take the arches off will the 5-door highline side moulding fit with out any moding coz looking they look as if they are smaller than mine.
  6. might get some of that then flush it and change the bottle
  7. sorry whats g12 ok so all thats left for me to do is change the bottle then as it has been flushed 3times when the head was done when the water pump was done and the thermostat
  8. so are the mk4 v6 4 motion engines the same as a vr6 there not actually v6s
  9. i have a sensor on the side of the tank and an overflow pipe but if the remove the black cover on the right of the bottle you will see the two small holes the smaller hole at the bottom is were it seepping from
  10. heating nice and hot any chance of some pics of other vr6 tanks then have i got something missing then
  11. out of the 2 holes you can see in the picture its the smaller hole
  12. sorry guy didnt have the gasket done a a main stealer an idependant vw specialist so tolk the pump out today its ok it had a vw pump with plastic veins maybe a upgrade due to the problems with them anyway changed it any way also changed the thermostat only 37 for both parts and fitted my self. there is still a very slight trickle coming out so you reccommend changing the bottle then leaving the cap of and squezze the hose for how long also what is this for to bleed it or something. could the bottle be split on the inside because this should have no leaks at should it.
  13. hi new here hopeing for some advise ok had my head gasket done about a week and a half ago all seems ok but theres a little hole in the side of the expan tank and my water seems to be coming out theres also no pressure in any of the hoses you can squezze them hot the car is not over heating no white smoke no water in oil or oil in water no bubbles in the expan tank so head gaskets seems 100% now a vw garage has told me its the water pump and it very common problem he said the vains on the water pump have prob broken up no allowing it to work. thanks any help guys.
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