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  1. shouldnt be that much but then every body has a diff opinion on expensive as every body has diff budgets but i would say some were in the reigon of 200ish give ir take 50quid..
  2. had the same prob with mine only missed at low revs and it was the HT leads...
  3. i would change the belt that drive`s the pump while your taking it off and check the tensioner bearing and maybe grease it..
  4. you will prob be looking up to the 500 mark i would say after the parts labour and skim of the cylinder head...
  5. sounds good jay been thinking my self about a custom code remap think the gains are around 10-15% onn the custom code nice write up mate..
  6. what sort of mpg are you guys getting ?? i put 10quid in for eg the fuel light will come on buy the time ive done 15miles! i can get another 20miles on the red so i only getting 35miles to 10quid and thats pushing it on the red ??? does this seem right to you guys..?
  7. guy/girls how much oil do you tend to use in you VR6 ? my little bro has got a mk3 afew months ago but i cant remb how much mine used to use irc it did use a fair bit.
  8. what you done to it mate to need that sort of stopping power the r32 brkes aint to bad tho 334mm..
  9. is that yous phat vr6 ?? it is luvly if it is mate whats the colour indian o0r hot chilli red ?
  10. so cars before march 2001 are they staying at the normal road tax price ?? or will they go up also in the end??
  11. hi does anybody know about the keys..? ive got the only style key the 2 button key and i want to get a second key as i only have 1 i was looking and theres a 3 button key with boot pop button is there any way to make this key work.
  12. thank god mines ok as its an X-reg
  13. ye same as what i have heard thinkingof getting some 18in or poss 19in but was looking at my options but think i will give the staggerd wheels a miss. just for looks pat..
  14. hey guys/girls any body know about fitting staggered wheels say front 8J and rear 9J for eg on a 4motion as i have been told that it can cause problem with the 4x4 system.
  15. well i just got my tax reminder for my 4Motion and its £99 for 6months and £180 for 12months same as last year...
  16. WOW no way he seemed so healthy on the show..
  17. ive also dont this sound very good i have put a vid clip on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQnEcwZaOTI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXAhl21-1Qg its really easy to do once the hold the r32 exhaust up to the origianl exhaust you can then mark were to cut it. then it wll just sleve over the orginal exhaust then trim the bumper oh and remove the tow eye only 4bolts..
  18. i dont think you can buy the pully on its own tho unless its an uprated pully. the only reason i did this guide was after mine broke on a dark country lane on a hill it was some thing i would like to see happen to me or any body else agian.... so if yours is getting noisy you can try greasing it but will prob need to replace it or if its not noisy grease it now to save some money..
  19. the vented disc will stay a lot cooler because of the vent between the 2 discs` were as a solid disc will get a lot hotter because both brake pads the inside and outside pad are both pressing on the same disc cause more heat on the disc. hope that makes sense..
  20. Top discs SOLID and the bottom is VENTED most cars have solid rear brake discs but the 4motion and r32 etc have the vented rear discs
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