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  1. look loads better but as said before you should of got em in silver,
  2. iv got one i had it for ebau and i had to wait a month for it to come as they had to make it for me lol but oh yes was it worth it it sucks the atmospher in every time i plant my right foot lol
  3. lookin sweet mate the d90's look good but some 9j banded steelies would look even better !
  4. as phat vr6 says thats the way to test your clutch
  5. you will be a legand if this works mate and also so a trend setter of the poor mans vr6 turbo , should get it called the jim conversion lol
  6. for odb1 its 175bhp but odb2 was around the 180-190bhp mark
  7. i had this problem when i fitted new brake pads to mine th caliper fouled the inner edges of my rims so i got the grinder out and smoothe off all the cating marks on my calipers clears them fine now
  8. if you want the euro look you will want 16x9's not the 16x7.5's or may be the 7.5's up front and the phat 9's at the rear
  9. there is a feq thread about this mate use the search
  10. check the connections of the lcd screen in your clocks ?
  11. i have removed all of it before when i swapped my dash lol, ill giv it ago when i get chance, but i dont remember seen a fan bahind it i thought the senser was jus a coil ?
  12. so wat are we talkin would it be easier the fit the 16v box with the vr bell housing OR fit the 16v final drive to the vr box ?
  13. might pop round have a look as its only down the road might have to nip across the pub first get an appitie for the bbq lol
  14. mine are also doin this but mine came up with the temp sensore fault code and also a motor fault code, so replacing/cleaning the senser should sort this out ?
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