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  1. so what numbers do we have from here so i can add them to the club camping !!!
  2. not much of an update, just clay bared it all last night and gave it a quick detail polish, had the windows tinted 80% all round and some nice pressed metal plates ...
  3. only reason them wheels are on it is the others were down the the cords and my mate wanted them back to to fit to his T25 ..... have done a few bits to it, tinted windows and my big brake up grade has gone on the front, pulls you out the seat when you hit the middle pedal now !!! new fan control module and new poly wish bone bushes to go in then off to MOT ..... have been looking in putting my turbo kit on it but bit to much work as id want it to be stealth and look factory .....
  4. lol well did over heat when i got to bugjam lol
  5. yeah love the colour of it and yeah keeping the wheels on it starting ti like them more and more plus they have nice sticky track tyre's on them lol
  6. Well the time has come to sell or break the mk3 beast so i have gone and got my self a nice new toy ) As you can its a 2.8 V6 4 Motion 2002 AUE engine code. Have done lots to it already but just servicing and repairing really, got a few small plans for it but nothing big this time as its going to be a car that i can use from day to day ;o) ....
  7. got the map today and we are in the same spot as last year and have a bit of extra room for racers ;o) .....
  8. think there is about 15/16 of us now ..... im bring a small fire pit as cant get the big on in the car, nige is bringing all his usual bits and bobs and a gaybo and i hear his Jager machine, can see how this weekend is going to go !!! lol other than that is the usual things for bugjam, beer, sun scream and money lol
  9. The passes are for club camping only, we don't have a club display never have had a bugjam !!
  10. I do have a couple of spare passes pm me your address and ill get it out to ASAP
  11. car passes have turned up today got Daz address just need everyone one else so i can send them ASAP .....
  12. what ever clutch you get you'll need to bed it in, with a paddle clutch ull need to do at least 500 miles to run it in .... might be worth see if you can get a 2nd up rated clutch as then it should be run in .... i might have a ceramic friction plate kicking around in my dads garage ill have a look and let you know mate ....
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