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  1. As topic above!I am wondering the mk4 golf vr6 12v is better torque than the corrado vr6, so by upgrade to mk4 golf vr6 12v (AFP) camshaft is it going to gain performance?
  2. faigolfgti

  3. My mk3 golf vr6 is soon going for the clutch job,offer by friend f.o.c. mk3 golf gti 16v(ABF) clutch kit because he sold his gti 16v so don't need the clutch kit anymore,from my research the mk3 gti 16v clutch kit can be fitted into mk3 golf vr6 without any problem,so now my question is can the mk3 gti 16v(ABF)150bhp clutch kit handle mk3 vr6(AAA)174bhp engine performance?Thanks in advance.
  4. Already replace brand new coilpack,check the crank sensor G28 wiring all the way to ECU is fine and conected ,so i am wondering is it the ECU FAULT?Any fault code for BAD ecu?
  5. Recently my vw vr6 can't start the engine so the vag1551 detected fault code G28(crank snesor)no signal to ecu ,replace to brand new crank sensor my vr6 engine still cannot start check again with vag1551 same fault code G28,PLEASE HELP!
  6. As topic above!If the mk3 golf vr6 2.8(174bhp) upgrade to corrado vr6 2.9(190bhp) ecu,will the mk3 golf vr6 2.8 gain extra bhp and torque? Thank You.
  7. NON CAT lambda sensor for vr6(better performance)?

    The part no for the vw vr6 NON CAT lambda sensor is:-330-906-265 you can Refer this from ETKA,i am sure there is a different if not vw won't make two LAMBDA sensors for NON CAT vr6 and cat vr6?
  8. cars register in the U.K. before year 1992 don't need CAT,so i refer to vw parts list(etka)there is two type of lambda sensors for vr6 engine one is normal lambda sensor and another type is NON CAT lambda sensor,so my vw vr6 is CAT remove so i am wondering if i change my vr6 lambda sensor to the NON CAT lambda sensor will my vr6 be better performance?I think yes because the emission cotrol of the NON CAT lambda sensor is not as tight as the normal lambda sensor and don't have CAT to taken care of.Please comment!
  9. Most of us know that both inlet manifold i mention above improve alot of TORQUE and BHP for vr6 engine,if compare vr6 vwmotorsport vsr inlet manifold and vr6 schrick vgi inlet manifold which is the better vr6 inlet manifold?
  10. Which is the better system single timing chain(later version) or twin timing chains(early type)?Which is the better top tensional early type oil feed or the later type?If the later system is better is it posible for the early vr6 12v to improve tothe later timing chain system? Thank You.
  11. My vw vr6 is the early year1993 vr6 12v i plan to replace my timing chain guide and tensional and was told the later year model vr6 12v with the improve timing chain guide and tensional ,my question is can i use the later timimg chain kit to my early vr6 and the parts i need? Thank You.
  12. As topic above!How many vr6 onwer with the ignition distributor vr6 engine still run with the original ignition coil?
  13. As topic above!I am wondering by remove the middle suitecase exhaust box will my vw golf mk3 vr6 gain extra performace?From what i know of the suitecase box act as silencer by remove it is it going to be very noisy(i have done this to my former vw golf mk2 16v the result is gain some performance but very noisy)?
  14. Anybody can help me?Use parts is o.k. for me as long as in good working order!