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  1. HI Does anyone have an electrical wiring diagram for the obd2 , i have a friend having a look at the Vento but he wants a diagram to see where the wiring goes and links up Thanks Ryan
  2. HI , on the coilpack you have the plug , does anyone know which one is the 12v? i am not getting any power at the coilpack so i am not getting any spark , there is fuel Where does that wire come from? is it at the Ecu or the fuse panel? Thanks ryan
  3. Yeah new coil pack , checked all fuses and nothing dude
  4. I have checked fuel pump and it primes up , you can hear relay clicking in on/off and you can smell the petrol , just does not seem to be getting spark. someone mentioned starter solenoid ,
  5. Hi guys still having issues with the vento , vr6 obd2 1997 so I have changed the following new spark plus new coil pack new ignition switch new crank sensor new temp sensor and the vento still just cranks and not fires , I took off the coil pack wiring plug and don't get any voltage with the ignition on , this does not sound right. where does the coil pack get power from ? been 3 months and she is not running what else can I check?
  6. well , the last few weeks the vento went from driving spot on to not driving she would not crank , so I changed the ignition switch and that seemed to sort it for week or 2 , now I cant get her to fire up she cranks but does not do anything today I checked the following 1.fuel relay - getting power 2.fuel pump getting power circuit seems to be fine and when you crank it you can hear the fuel pump kick in so now I am thinking it could either be 1. spark plugs 2.ignition leads 3.crank senor 4.coil pack 5,injectors hooked up a code reader and didn't get any codes , only b021d which
  7. Hi , so I attempted the vcds on the vento obd2 vr6 and it came up with the following , not fussed about the abs stuff but worried why I cant connect to the engine and the auto trans code anyone got any ideas? could not scan the engine , tried a few times kept coming up excessive comms errors VCDS-Lite Version: Release 1.0 Tuesday, 02 December 2014, 17:06:22:0 Chassis Type: 1H - VW Golf/Vento III Scan: 01,02,03,08,12,15,25,41,56 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 01: Engine Labels: 01M-927-733.LBL Controller: 021 906 256
  8. yeah I think that's next on the list , just surprised at she was running spot on for ages and then 1 day went bad
  9. Hi , whats a good scanner tool I can use to read fault codes/clear codes? they have the superscan vs450 on sale. looking for something cost effective as I don't use it that much thanks ryan
  10. Yeah I thought vento be same with entry under rear seat..taking maf off tomorrow..driving me mad dude
  11. well relay is clicking away , did a few checks today and now she is even worse lol.looks like she is getting fuel as it sprayed out the FPR when I put it in wrong.lol.... but now she does not want to idle.....I tried the throttle body reset which didn't do anything. think I am being daft cause I lifted up the rear seats and there was no fuel pump hatch....and I cant find any hatch in the boot either.... so I am thinking , coolant sensor? crank position sensor? or vac leak , I didn't hear any hissing noises
  12. lol...its hard cause she has been no problems for 7 years even when charged and now in 1 month she wants non stop attention , lol thats what brings a smile to my face when i driver her , the whirring of the charger...
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