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  1. well it was nice to see rossi back in the game again after 2 yrs of hell
  2. yeah she an't gonna drown in deep water is she lol
  3. think you can say he is very commited to this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk0QxeFLdXE
  4. no i hate it i think it looks god awfull. black or cream thats about it for m. i do think red or many other colours can work if done in alcantera as its not so shiney.
  5. for pics just put them on a hosting site like photobucket or such like, then copy the img code onto here mate
  6. yep i saw it from lift off as you say WOW the mans a bloody nutter
  7. some of these made me laugh http://www.photoshoptroll.com/short-temper/
  8. engine should not really be a problem as you don't have to rag it to death just drive to what your happy doing ......but the brakes will take a pounding as the vr is not the lightest of cars so even a sencible speeds your still going to be useing them alot harder than you would on the road.
  9. yep you gotta love dynamo he is a great showman.
  10. you will proberly do in a set a pads, pretty much do a set of rubber in aswell if going for it. also before going i would give it fresh oil n filter then change it after again.
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