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  1. Hey all, old school member here from many moons ago, finally back in a position to ignite my passion for the VR, please message me if anyone looking to sell a well looked after roadworthy example. Look forward to seeing and collecting asap zubairseth@hotmail.co.uk 07903664686
  2. hi, welcome to the forum.... i also made the silly mistake for selling my VR for a mk4 initially. bought a mk4 turbo and soon sold it to buy another VR,,, then made the same mistake to buy a mk4 V5 and then bought another VR..... this time i had the sell the VR as the maint. was killing me... now i have an audi A3 turbo which has been re-mapped to 195 bhp. cant say im disappointed yet but DAMN i miss the 6 pot roar and the cult looks!!! i still keep an eye out for one though.. you never know!
  3. my old VR6?? dragon green number plate N633 CEV, a mate saw it on the A13 in london on sunday. Id love to know how its going and whats been done to it since. cheers and hope all is well!!
  4. i just donwloaded internet explorer 7 and it has a phishing filter so hopefully i wont be attacked by this, you should do the same, its quite good!
  5. what car have you gone for john? any pics yet lol?
  6. bazz780

    Hey Guys

    hey lee, yeh you been looking out for the wrong car, although since i sold my highline all of a sudden there are 3 new comers in forest gate area..... hey john, what you planning on getting now?
  7. bazz780


    here ya go mate, has ABT kit from factory and is going for 17,500. looks stunning and 247 BHP
  8. bazz780


    as above unless you can get your hands on a 3.2 V6 quattro a3 s-line (takes a deep breath lol) they look awesome and surely are powerful and well built?
  9. bazz780

    Hey Guys

    hey guys, thanks for the comments, keep em coming lol, VR mofo i thought that too but was in a bit of a rush so admin please move to correct section. is a bit tough to keep clean, a good wash only looks good for a day - leathers are amazingly comfortable and overall the car is serving me great. Purple highline: did you get an R32 yet? i think they look stunning and sound awesome compared to an S3, and as you say cant beat the 6 pot engine. .... would still love to buy a 4th VR6 if funds permitted as a weekend car!!! they look the part and sound brilliant!
  10. bazz780

    Hey Guys

    Long time no speak lol, Hows all doing?? just thought id pop in and say hi and show all my new car that i bought after sorting out the business etc: It is an audi A3 1.8T with scrumptious heated leathers (they heat up really well), not really a match to a VR but far superior in build quality and overall drive. Has been remapped to 195 bhp and kicked the 180bhp GTI golf off the road last weekend lol lemme know what you guys think and hope im still allowed on this beast forum lol
  11. nice car,, had a GTi turbo last year at some point and like you say... the drive does not disappoint!!! looks sweeeet
  12. thanks mate, i have gassed it up as you said and it seems to be working for now so lets see how long it lasts thanks for the help
  13. hi dellert, i had the system regassed and the vw specialist did a leak test using UV light etc and found a leak in a few places, now that all the leaks have gone, he noticed a leak coming from under the car and said its where the drain hole or something where the evaporator sits near the matrix. was quoted 300 pounds labour to replace.
  14. hey guys, just wanted to know how hard/easy it is to change the air con evaporator on the VR6, is it a DIY jobbie? i heard the whole dash has to come out. please advise as mine is leaking gas from evaporator and needs replacing. cheers
  15. i hear you stroodlion, i was getting better mpg before correcting my dodgy exhaust and now its worse, you just get used to it after and like riggsvr6 said, you enjoy the sound too much to bother lol
  16. have a good move mate.... then you can uncross everything lol....
  17. looks similar to a bmw where there are no obvious plug leads, the black connectors x 6 are where the spark plugs are and when you take them out you will see a tube like shape that goes over the plugs. hope this helps
  18. i did that already, but it keeps moving out of place, maybe iv damaged the grip?
  19. hey guys, had a new water pump and temperature sensor/switch fitted last week. now what happens is that the temperature switch sits at 70 degrees when the car is turned off and about 110 degrees when the car is on (never sees 0) what can i do to re-align the needles or is there something wrong with the switch? disconnecting the switch does not allow the needle to drop when car is off.
  20. yup thats what i got and from awesome gti, i just asked for a discount shamelessly and got free postage lol
  21. they just wont stop will they? cameras in london are a common site, and to be honest they are bloody dangerous, along the north circular at 50 mph you can be behind a car strolling along and all of a sudden the person in front will slam their brakes and slow down to 30 mph (y i do not know..... maybe due to fear) this can cause an accident! the new style cameras are also scattered along the a406 heading towards ilford from walthamstow so beware!!
  22. fit polo rear handles to the front of your car, looks smart and no keyhole to faff over, MAF can be obtained from a powerseller on ebay who supplies bosch parts, or euro car parts. if it is a bit buggered, clean it with electrical contact cleaner first and see if this cures it (if it works then it will cost you 2.49 for cleaner at maplins) worth a shot mate. keys and barrell can be obtained from euro car parts too (i think)
  23. sounds typical mate, its the solicitors that hold everyone back, try putting in a polite word and explain you have people booked to attend the property etc.
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