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  1. Hi folks, thinking of getting a power boost valve for my P reg 1997 vr6, i've got a few questions i hope some of you could help me with. can i get one to fit my car, is it worth getting one, and any other info on this item would be very helpfull. just one more thing, is there anything else that i could get to go with this upgrade???? many thanks roey
  2. P plate and 101,000 on the clock. not had chains done.
  3. Hi, just went to go out in my car, went to start the car and it won't start and the steering lock is stuck. don't want to pull to hard on it and snap it. Has anyone got any help on this matter please roey
  4. just make sure they do not charge you for sorting it out.
  5. i would only do 1 thing, at that is get on the phone 2moro and find out what the hell they have done and get some answers.
  6. i would have thought if it needed a new oil pump, they would have told you. for the amount of work they have done they should have check your car over for things like this. they should have tested your car after doing all this work ie: a road test.
  7. i would be stressed to mate, i would be on the phone asap, i'd be wanting to know what the hell is going on. for almost £1700 your car should not be pumping out blue smoke. sorry to say this mate, but driving and getting it hot may have done more damage to the engine. keep us up to date on what happens. roey
  8. hi, this would be the first meet i would go to. not been a member for long, what sort of things go on and how long for. please don't laugh but would just like to know what happens. i am new to this sort of thing roey
  9. mercedes SLR, can do a top speed of 210mph and costs about 360k. ill have 2 please lol
  10. any ideas where to get a good one and what sort of make?? cheers
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