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    Its decided, going for the most extreme opposite to the VR6! My next car is gonna be a Focus 1.6 115, the guy at Audi pissed me off, and I wanted something as new as possible, so, I have dropped into a different class of Vehicle, but it gonna be brand new! The running cost of Fuel and insurance and Tax will save me £1500 a year, plus the cost of repairs will save me about the same again! So I am afraid its gonna be Good bye from me soon!
  2. Dunno but they do them at GSF, for a quarter the price of VW!
  3. dellert


    I got a wet and warm feeling in my pants....... I was gonna go a bit more Conservative, with the 150bhp 2.0. I think the VR6 has put the wife off for life, as it has cost us a fortune in the 18months we had it. I just cant justify the cost. Also from what I heard the newer VW related cars have got a tendency to chuck up Engine Management lights whenever they feel like it.Thing is these Hot hatches are about as reliable as a sieve for carrying water! Or is it just mine? I know its got a few miles on the clock, but I had a C Reg Golf, with 125k on it, and it cost me nothing apart from consumable
  4. Have you checked the boot for asylum seekers? Wait for the service, then if its still there, blame them for screwing your car up! As above I would start with checking the exhaust rubbers.
  5. WTF? Should be doing about 3k rpm in fifth at 80mph, or about 5.5k rpm in third gear.
  6. dellert

    ford vr6

    That Ford badge on there is a disgrace!
  7. dellert


    I thought they were mythical? I know they exist, but I never seen one!!! Ever!! Anyone want a bit of my wife then? So long as you dont mind stiring my porridge! LOL Yeah thats what I thought, I dont see what the point of spending loads of money on as car is, if you gonna be grumpy about the fact that its second best all the time! Like now I got the VR, but I wish I had hung on and got a Highline! Me thinks I shall have to have a chat with her!
  8. You checked the accelerator cable? I had one stick once and it used to idle erratic, had to hook the pedal up with my foot to calm it down!
  9. dellert


    What are your opinions of Audi A£ Sportback? I been fantasising what I would spend 15k on. 2.0 SE FSI A3. Also is that the same Engine as in the Golf GT FSI 2.0? I wanted to Pimp the Mrs a bit to cover the extra few K and get a S3, or a R32, but she was not very keen! And WTF, is the VW thing with TDi`s, the car park was full of them!! Only 3 petrol Golf for sale, and about 12 Diesels!!! Not interested in a 4Motion, it would be the Logical step, but they are like rocking horse turds, and its a bit of a "I couldnt afford a 911 so I got a 944" thing!
  10. I think patients is the key here! Get the plugs and leads changed before you start accusing the Coil pack of being dodgy. The tool is available direct from VW or Ebay, I imagine it is available at GSF too. You need to wait til its darkish and look for electrical arcing if you suspect the Coil or Leads. Sometimes the Coil has blatantly split the plastic insulation which is the most common fault, but they can also fail internally, either way replacement is the only option. There is a Chap on here that has a method of repairing cracks, but IMO this is only a temporary fix.
  11. Magnetise the ones you got? Rub a magnet over them vigorously.
  12. Had a good day then! You gonna have a proper stropo on if its still playing up when it all goes back together!
  13. If its slipping so bad it smells, you would be on a truck within minutes! Burning clutch is distinctive, smells like Fish! IMO! I think you need to trace the source of that smokey smell, what is burning? Metal, oil, plastic?
  14. Pagid Fast road, with cheapo discs, is my choice. GSF. Either that or Genuine.
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