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Found 16 results

  1. Good Morning I am in need of a bit of advice regarding doing a engine swop from a 2.8 12V AA to a 2.8 24V BDE in my MK3 GOLF VR6. Does this 24V fit straight into my MK3 body of does engine mounts need to be made up? Does the CV Joints and shafts fit on the 24V? I will be running and aftermarket fuel management system should I decide to follow through with the swop. So I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on the swop and the ins and outs of the 24 motor? Kind Regards Gershon Adonis Cape Town, South Africa.
  2. Howdy Peeps Have a few bit and bobs for sale VR6 Spark plug cover x3 £35 VR6 ODB2 2.8 Inlet manifold £50 VR6 ODB2 Throttle Body £50 VR6 Drive shafts £40 VR6 Head Gasket (Non MLS) £10 VR6 Sump £30 All prices open to offers. Need them gone so don't be shy make me an offer :-) All parts located in Birmingham. Can be posted for extra unless agreed otherwise. Thanks for looking and please share. 07813099828.
  3. Howdy all ?. I've finally got the cash to do the body work on my car yayyyy!! ? Thing is, does anyone know where i can get good quality sills for my 3door mk3 Golf in Leeds please? Tried dealers and their obsolete so wanting next best thing please!! ??
  4. Need a standard exhaust to mot my 96 golf vr6. Many Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys, Got some spare time on my hands so thought i'd upload some pics of my daily VR Only had it for 2 years and already cost me a small fortune Current mods are a full milltek exhaust system and Ram air induction, seeing just under 200hp Engine is strong and had the chains re-done recently. Plan is to stay OEM although the Vento front end is really appealing to me right now. Contemplating putting in a Rotrex charger New wheels on.... - Raj
  6. I'm looking for a 2.8l Vr6 12v engine for my gti to vr6 conversion, ideally I'm wanting one with ancillaries and if anyone has one with a gearbox that's a bonus. Thanks.
  7. North west area prefered , but willing to travel or arrange a courier. Looking for a tailgate in Tornado red with spoiler (will accept other colour but would rather hold out) Stainless system or just a back box for the moment ( to get rid of those horrible stock twintails ) Cheap 3 door gti for interior swop , so no rips or saggy bolsters , non airbag black dash , prefer a short MOT number that can be driven rather than trailered , tornado red would be great but again will go with another colour ( keep those eyes peeled for me people ) Think thats it for the moment , PM's please. Tha
  8. Hi there and welcome the build thread for my cabrio vr6 so far the journey has taken over a year and only now is she becoming a vr6. The car was given to me by a very good friend. All i know about the car is that it is a 1.8 1997 golf cabriolet. The car has 179k on (providing the clocks haven't been switched). The cars tax runs out at the end of the month. I do no not know any status of the current mot or previous history. I have done a check on the car and it is hpi Clear. The current faults are that the exhaust is Blowing (Ahem more like in two parts) So that will be repaired. The
  9. Anyone selling any or know where I can get them? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, So when/if I do buy the VR6 Golf Mk3, I want to get a new 'bodykit', front and rear bumpers along with side skirts. Now, I have found the bumpers but the skirts are no were to be seen. So this is the front bumper. This is the rear bumper. The skirts I can not find. One thing I noticed was that the website has named them as JE Design, where as the picture and other websites claim they are Rieger Racing. While I am here, on a stock Golf 3, what are the lights in the front bumper? I'm asking because the front bumper I provided above doesn't have them.
  11. Hello, so I've been looking to buy a Golf Mk3 VR6 and want to get insurance on it for a small amount of miles a year. I'm looking to drive it at a maximum once a week. The lowest quote I have so far is £4.6k which is more than the car it's self. I'm 17, so hence the high quotes. I've even had companies say no. Please help!
  12. Hi to everybody, followed VR6OC from year, but now i decides to introduce myself: Name: Jaime (Like JImmy or James) Luna Occupation: IT Tech Country: Mexico Cars: Tornado Red Mk3 VR6 + Beige (dont know the oem color name ) Mk1 Caddy Vr6 ( My dad is the owner) still in process. We've owned few Vr6's nothing so cool, just Vr6's all of them already sold : 1 Black 98 mk3 vr6 jetta 1 Brown Mk1 caddy Vr6 1 passat 35i (B4) vr6 1 Black 95 mk3 Vr6 Jetta Well Few pictures from my Facebook albums: and the jetta still in process, almost beggining with the bodywork by myself Regards!!
  13. Welcome to the Christmas/New Year edition of the feature car. This time it's one of the moderators from the VR6OC. It's Gethin Evans. Now if any of you are on facebook or have been on YouTube in the past month, you will know all about the astonishing things gethin's car can do. It's one of our favourite cars here and your about too see why! Here is a bit of information from the man himself The person behind the car. Name: Gethin Evans Forum user name: VIW 28 Age: 33 Occupation: Agricultural Machinery Sales Representative Location: Northern Ireland Hobbies: I only have one, this is it. Lol Lik
  14. Hello all! Quickfire question. Will a 3 point mk4 steering wheel with the airbag fit a mk3 97 vr6? Want one as think they look much better. Thanks all.
  15. Result: http://i.imgur.com/oPV6yXw.jpg Lowered the car to a two finger width space between the arches and tyres. This was 315mm between the centre of the alloy and the top of the arch. I can JUST fit a jack underneath if I get a flat *touch wood*. Bought refurbished 16" BBS RXII RS771 and coil overs from www.lowerks.com. Tyres are Falken ZE914 195/45 (I read good things on various sites). Steering wheel is now pulling to the right however. Mechanic said run it for a few days then come back since they will adjust from driving. After he's done the final tweeks, I'll probable need to get th
  16. Hi People, I'm in the process of buying a Mk3 Golf VR6 Highline that's been off the road in a dry garage for a couple of years. Before I send it for an MOT to get a list of what's wrong I'm doing filters and fluids in the current owner's garage (a mate). I've drained the sump and the oil filter housing by removing the plug, but when it comes to removing the housing itself, I can't budge it! I've tried using and adjustable spanner and channel pliers on the 36mm 'bolt' and also a nylon filter strap-based removal thing on the larger area at the top of the housing. The housing doesn't seem to
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