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Found 11 results

  1. VR6 Coil pack

    Hi guys. I'm looking to replace my coil pack on the VR6 but have been quoted £300 from TPS. Is this the usual price? The guy on the phone mentioned that I could use one from a Mondeo ST? I've never heard of this, is this old news? Has anyone successfully done this? Will the wiring even work (leads)? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. Hi I really need someone's kind help I'm trying to replace all 6 injectors on my 24v vr6 I understand to get to them I need to remove the upper intake manifold But for the life of me I can find a 24v DIY to remove intake manifold and fuel rail Can someone please help me with a complete DIY with what else I should replace IE gaskets bushes bolts along the way as well as what intake fuel components I need to remove to get the injectors and rail out I can only find a 12v version I'm getting desperate and to make matters more complicated I'm disabled so only have complete use of my right side with limited use of my left side due to a brain haemmoraghe
  3. I'm struggling to find a database with commonality of parts across Engine codes. I basically need to build another engine from what I can get hands on So, I have carravelle /Ev with 2.8 auto AES which the head is shot! But my Thoughts are whilst at it , and the current motor having covered (200k miles) I may as well look at bottom end at same time. From various sites I have deduced any 12v head can mate a AAA Block , all I'd have to do is change the oil pan pick up pipe from my AES etc (Right? ) But the hard part is getting another head. I think I'm right in saying, the AMY head is the same casting as AES? Then in theory I just need to swap cams etc and manifold and hey presto newish engine! Is there a physical difference between automatic engine blocks and manual? As most modern Engines have different bell housings on auto to hold the torque converter and from photographs this doesn't seem the case unless my eyes deceive me, So, am I right ? Is there an easier route? Different engine codes , etc
  4. Hi guys, After extensively searching what coolant I need for my recently bought VR6 as the current coolant looks pretty grim.. I have came across this coolant: https://www.amazon.co.uk/febi-bilstein-38201-Antifreeze-Coolant/dp/B00FZGA8V0/ref=au_as_r?ie=UTF8&n=248877031&newVehicle=1&s=automotive&submodelId=1877 I am told G13 will do the job and I need around 10 litres of overall liquid to completely refill the system after emptying it. Being a bit slow today and cant work out from the dilution pictures on the front of the Febi Bilstein bottle that it is ok to mix the 5 litres of coolant with 5 litres of de-ionised water? Any help or suggestions of other decent afforable coolants would be much apprecaited. Cheers.
  5. I bought a 97 Jetta with a vr6 that someone pulled to do a clutch and timing chain. They got the engine and trans put back together and then got bored and sold it to me to finish. I've come quite a ways on the project but I've had a couple problems. I'm making this thread to hopefully get some help and document my project along the way. Right now my main issue is that there is a threaded hole in the intake manifold at the front left corner of the engine and I don't know what it's for. Could you guys please help me out? I'll post a picture as well
  6. I have a VR6 92 that i brought a couple months ago slowly been fixing it up before i put it on the road. In the engine bay i found this connector not sure what it is suppose to be connected to any info would be very helpful. its a female connector two pin wires are red and brown, it is located at back right of the engine bay .
  7. Vr6 12v engine

    I'm looking for a 2.8l Vr6 12v engine for my gti to vr6 conversion, ideally I'm wanting one with ancillaries and if anyone has one with a gearbox that's a bonus. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone, hope you're all well Not been on here for a while as I've not really touched my VR much since putting a new head gasket on her, but seeing my mate get his 1967 Beetle running after being stood for going on 4 years has spurred me on. So, the story is, I changed the head gasket on my 93' Corrado VR6, all was well as it started off the key, after that however it never started again. It looked like it had a spark problem but it turned out to be a dodgy ignition switch but the head has been off again and fully rebuilt and timed back up. So it sounds like it's not getting any compression as it seems to spin pretty free, not compression tested it yet but we tried to drag it and it did fire and run, but the ignition switch caused it to cut out. Is it worth dragging it again? I've been told to re-time it, I'm pretty sure my mechanic has done it right but I just don't know if it's worth trying to pull it and will it run right after. Cheers
  9. IMG 20140925 020606

    From the album Percy's selfie s

    I love how much engine there is!
  10. Owned the car 6 months now and finally decided to change the spark plugs on the car when i got them out i was absolutely horrified to see the state they were in. i was completely surprised that my car had even been starting in the first place. Fitted nice shiny new bosch spark plugs in the engine now. Purrs a dream.
  11. EPC Light

    Hey Guys, So a few days ago I was on the motorway and hit 2 big puddles of water. The car was fine for about 10 mins. It then jerked to which i noticed the EPC and ESP lights come on. I carried on driving as all seemed OK. After a while when I was on a down hill (so foot off the throttle) I saw the EPC light go off but ESP still remaining on. When I again pushed the throttle for a second there was no power and then jerked and the power came back in and the EPC light returned. When i came off the motorway the car would not idle and die. If i start the car and rev it up (above 3000) i can drive it. Its strange as the problem is intermittent. Yesterday i went to start it. Started fine,idled, drove fine (with EPC light on) and after 15min of driving the EPC light would go off and the jerking would start. Today i start it, the EPC light goes off after 3 secs and the car dies. I need to take the car to an auto electrician but any help from you guys would be awesome!! 2003 MK4 V6 4Motion Shap!