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  1. There now lads, you here?
  2. I didn't even know about this. To far though, almost 2 hour drive. Plus there is Ultimate Dubs tomorrow.
  3. Sound, I'm so excited for this, over 1,00 people going.
  4. I'm looking, I'm really careful with my money and extremely picky. It's a waiting game at the moment, the right one will pop up soon hopefully.
  5. Who ever got lowest BHP of the day, do not worry, my Fiesta has a tiny 82 Hp.
  6. Cool man, might see you there then.
  7. Not to sure if this sort of meet/event is up your street but it'll be massive. For the curious, Beds Modified is any sort of modified car in the Bedfordshire area and it's their 7th year going this March. Judging from their previous 'big' event's this should massive. Supposedly 800+ people will be attending including myself. For more info, click this link to their Facebook. Location: White Lion Retail Park, Boscombe Road Dunstable Bedfordshire Lu5 4wl Starts at 20:30.
  8. Thanks for the event guys. I'm glad I went, makes me want to get a VR6 even more than. Fingers crossed I'll have one within the next few months.
  9. It's okay, I'm turning up in a Fiesta, not going on the rollers though.
  10. When/if I get a VR6, I won't be building it to be worth more in the in the future, I'd build it the way I want it to look. Though I will never buy cosmetic car parts from halfords.
  11. Oo, I saw this one, but I want a 3 door model, as I am also looking to buy one. Only thing to note would be the door trim is missing on the drivers side. EDIT: Also I've seen Golf VR6 5 door in better condition go for for a few hundred quid lower.
  12. Wouldn't someone tell it if they are breaking a Golf Mk3? Not only that, I am sure there is some nicer chrome ones out there.
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