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Found 11 results

  1. Hey Folks, Please help me diagnose what the noise in my R32 MK4 is! The high pitch whine/ noise in the video (below) occurs when I take my foot off the accelerator (usually happens when I'm in 3rd or higher) and coast. Doesn't always happen and seems to occur once I've been driving around for 5-10mins+. This may not be accurate but it seems to occur between 20 and 30,000 RPM and sounds like it's originating from the passenger/nearside of the car though I'm not 100%. I've taken it to VW and they reckon it's a vacuum leak from the engine, however, the guys I bought it from have pressure tested and not found any leak. They think it might be related to the EBC Redstuff brake pads. Anyone had a similar issue?
  2. Hows it going. I own a 01 vr6 12 valve I noticed somethings going on lately. At higher rpms when I really get on it I noticed a burning smell kinda. It kinda smells like exhaust kinda a hot smell I guess you could say. Another thing I noticed is that my oil smells like exhaust is this normal? Not sure if it’s just me but I feel like there is some power loss and I noticed when I’m at idle with my hood open and I give it a little rev to about to grand I noticed a ticking/knocking/binding noise could this be my intake shiftrod I know some people have problems with that. Motor has 113,xxx miles on it the car does have no muffler. Timing chain and guides were just recently done. Any help would be great thank you!
  3. I have a full set of Koni Coilovers that i removed from my 2001 MK4 Golf. These Coilovers have about 20,000 miles on them. I sold my car and i have no use for these coilovers. I replaced the bump stops on the rear shocks and will include new top mount bushings for the front coilovers. I am located in North Carolina, but i can ship anywhere in the states. I paid $1200, I am asking $500
  4. I thought I would put my photos/videos up from my AUE V6 Turbo build because there is not enough info on the AUE engine out there. Power target is 500bhp, if I can get more safely and practically it will be going up. I've seen a stock motor get 474whp/576bhp on YouTube, be interesting to see if it is achievable. My engine is not forged. If anyone is interested in the build let me know and I will do a spec. Also ask any questions you want, I am happy to answer. The car is going to Stealth Racing UK next week for stock management (ME7.1) mapping, I started this build around 4 weeks ago. R32 Side skirts are being left off as Stealth Racings Dyno is risen from floor level. The kit does need a respray at some point and the Aristo wheels will be going black. The current wheels have Rainsport 3 tyres on which are nearly new so ill be using those over the winter and then put the Aristo's on next year. 335i is my daily at the moment 20170801_200554.mp4 VID-20170801-WA0142.mp4
  5. Vw golf mk4 vr6 for sale

    2000 vw golf mk4 2.8 vr6 12 months mot 94.000 miles 1200.00

    FOR SALE IS MY VW GOLF, 5 DOOR, MK4 V6 4MOTION. Had the car for about 3 months and done 1200 faultless miles on it, but have decided i want to sell the car to fund a mk4 R32. I drove all over the country to find the right car for me and this one ended up being the side of town. lol. So the car specs as follows. In no order at all... Black (LC9Z) 5 door. Full history stamped upto 66k. receipts for other services there after. The car will be going in for a full service, new front/rear disc and pads with the rear calipers being replaced as they have started to bind on 28/09/2016 . Mileage at 81K, goes up slightly everyday due to work and home travel. 6 Former Keepers. 2 Keys V5 Present. Original Handbook. Cruise Control. Full central locking. Full leather interior Heated front Seats. 4 Electric windows Rear windows privacy glass Laminex headlight protector film (smoked) Wind deflectors Standard V6 4 Motion alloys with all very good tires. Also a second set of standard alloys with very good tires. Bought to refurb. Also have a 3rd set of Santa Monica alloys that need a refurb but tires are shot. May throw in for the right price. Kenwood DAB, Bluetooth, CD stereo. Iphone compatible. HPI Clear. Bad Bits. Dent in the roof but nothing major - See pics. Slight scuff to front bumper passenger side but not really noticeable. Belt Tensioner makes a noise sometime but nothing major. Slight stone chip/dent in bonnet but nothing major. The car has loads of paper work and has been looked after by myself and washed and cleaned at the local detailing place. All the mods (if that's what you want to call them) can be taken off and put back to standard very easily with minimal effort. Does not leak water or lose any oil. Mechanically the is faultless. Can be view at anytime please call on 07813099828, located in Birmingham. Like i said earlier i would like a MK4 R32 so willing to swap and cash your way. I am looking for £2495ono, Need anymore info please let me know. Pics of the car...
  7. mk4 shifter bushing replacement

    looked everywhere for a replacement part but cant find one aside from the dieselgeek one. Does anyone know where i could find one or an alternative to this part that can be used.
  8. Hi All, New to the forum and to the dub scene to be honest so please forgive me if i don't get all the technical things in my explanation right!! Ok so my car is a MK4 12v VR6 with around 214 000 KMs. I just got it boosted with a stage 1 CTS turbo kit @ 210 000 KMs. Prior to installing the kit, I got a CPS error code and overheating issues which were all fixed when I replaced the Lifters (with new) & Fan Control Module, then after this CEL was off and I was able to pass emission test (Ontario OBDII test). After the Turbo Install if driven in traffic, after a little while the engine tends to overheat (temp gauge rises past middle). Also, I'm getting the following error codes (descriptions are shortened & not full description): P1143 - Load calculation signal too high P1128 - Long term fuel trim B1 too lean P1136 - Lean fuel P1340 - Crank/Cam sensor P0134 - O2 Sensor circuit No activity detected (bank 1 sensor 1) P0140 - O2 Sensor circuit No activity detected (bank 1 sensor 2) Boost currently @ 5 PSI with Precision Tuning 39mm External Wastegate (the 5 PSI is what the installer had told me, haven't really checked yet) The ECU was 'apparently' tuned by C2 motorsports and according to them, re-installation of the tuned ECU should show no error codes. At least, no new ones that arise as a result of the Turbo install because their #36 tune is designed for the #36 injectors(installed) and the 3" air intake. I was just wondering if this is expected because it seems like all the issues that arise as a result of FI to the VR like fuel mixture lean, O2, etc seem to be coming up here. After i spoke with C2 they said to get it scanned and delete codes with VAG-COM then if it re-appears to contact them back. Also, as far as the overheating is this more likely because the FI is not intercooled? <<EDIT>> I think this might be due to the heater core as well as i can smell coolant inside the cabin and there is light smoke/dust coming from the vents inside so i will try and get that fixed to see if it stops that problem. Sorry if i missed anything or if anyone would like more info please post & I will add. <<EDIT>> On cold or fresh (morning after) starts the car will idle rough (revs up to 500 then drops back down intermittently) Thanks a lot in advance, Shabari
  9. Steering wheel, will it fit?

    Hello all! Quickfire question. Will a 3 point mk4 steering wheel with the airbag fit a mk3 97 vr6? Want one as think they look much better. Thanks all.
  10. EPC Light

    Hey Guys, So a few days ago I was on the motorway and hit 2 big puddles of water. The car was fine for about 10 mins. It then jerked to which i noticed the EPC and ESP lights come on. I carried on driving as all seemed OK. After a while when I was on a down hill (so foot off the throttle) I saw the EPC light go off but ESP still remaining on. When I again pushed the throttle for a second there was no power and then jerked and the power came back in and the EPC light returned. When i came off the motorway the car would not idle and die. If i start the car and rev it up (above 3000) i can drive it. Its strange as the problem is intermittent. Yesterday i went to start it. Started fine,idled, drove fine (with EPC light on) and after 15min of driving the EPC light would go off and the jerking would start. Today i start it, the EPC light goes off after 3 secs and the car dies. I need to take the car to an auto electrician but any help from you guys would be awesome!! 2003 MK4 V6 4Motion Shap!
  11. can i install golf mk4 gti's turbo on my golf mk3 vr6 ?and how much hp can i get max?