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  1. Hello Guys, as always trying to share what happens on the other side of the world (Mexico and USA). 2 weeks ago the guys from my club Westside Mexico attended a carshow in San diego California, United States, it was a nice place next to the sea port. Some really good cars attended and the vibe was all good. i hope you like the video.
  2. Thanks im about to share a new one from another event from 2 weeks ago, i bet it will like you a lot more.
  3. Hi to all, is not only Vr6 related, but just wanted to share this video from an event we attended las sunday. i hope you like it.
  4. So i bagged my Vr6 and installed the Azev Type C wheels.
  5. had the chance to get an unmolested airbox to modified it. this is the result, love the sound
  6. Yes, I'm 33 and I'm in love with mk3's even when my dad has a Mk1 caddy currently installing a 1.8T 20v engine.
  7. Yes, this is coming common around here, 24v, 3.2, 3.6 swaps into mk1's. I still loving the 12v.
  8. Got new wheels for my Vr6 Original Azev Type C 17x8.5, today I will go and get the tires 195/40/r17, I hope this fit well to the mk3 haha. My son posing for the pic. BTW my Instagram if you want to follow: @vr6parrot
  9. Hi to all, last Saturday a good friend and I went to a local muffler shop to get his 24v jetta/bora exhaust upgraded. From stock Exhaust to High Flow cat + 2.5" piping + Borla muffler, sounds mean!! A little vid, sorry for putting music on it but I think it make it less boring
  10. Did the service to my Jetta Basic service: - Oil change - air filter - spark plugs Did some cleaning on the engine bay (dust cleaning) and a wash and liquid wax!! And that's it. (picture is from months ago )
  11. Hi this is my friends caddy mk1 vr6 24vT, still in process.
  12. Last one's I have with the car lowered a bit. Currently is on Stock height!! rainy Days over here.
  13. Hi to all, long time not active in this forum, but here I am. last weekend a frend get his first Vr6 and it's a 24v, car has been parked for about 2 years so some work is needed, we decided to try the basic stuff first, Service, brakes, bearings, and once there a resonator delete. So,video is in Spanish but basically we did a service and removed the resonator from stock exhaust. More thigs are coming for this car so I will be uploading advances on this, my Mk3 vr6 12 Jetta, and the mk1 Vr6 caddy ,that is getting another vr6 12v engine.
  14. Cleaned The caddy after few months on the dust. and drove it after long time parked :), a lot of fun to be honest!!
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