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  1. New auxilary pulley & bearing £17 S/H but dated 2014 alternator £16.50 (post inc) Ebay steal ! EBC Greenstuff front pads £45 Black sunroof control £50 (germany) Unipart water pump £ 9.50 Powerflex bush kit £220 (ebay discount voucher used) Exhaust hangers metal based x 2 £9 Powerflex exhaust hangers x 2 £10 (ebay) Black headliner material 3 meters £33 Adhesive spray x 2 £15 Outer sills left & right £45 Rear arches left & right £52 Massive chunk of floor plan £40 (breakers) Stripped out the interior on the weekend , all but the dash , front door cards &
  2. Try Ebay pal , worldwide not just UK , try vento in the search after searching MK3 , got myself some brand spanking black hella colour magics from germany for just over a ton , UK price would have been much more.
  3. Saw this the other eve , not a bad watch but thought they could have emthasized a little more on how the VR6 engine was a design revolution of its time & how it enabled smaller cars to use a V6. It must have done wonders for the anyone selling a Corado at the moment ...
  4. ER6


    Enjoy , I'm on my second in six months , I feel like a part of me is missing not having a runner at the mo
  5. I'm on 15s with the 288mm disks , not much room to spare and they make the disks look huge.
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