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  1. That's pretty amazing! I'd love a plastic fitted boot insert like that! Any idea if it was an aftermarket or optional thing?
  2. Hi Ben, I'm also Ben and also in Chelt! I can heartily recommend http://www.bondimparts.co.uk/ for repairs and servicing. My mate Jonny there has been working on my VR for years, for its previous owner also. It's run by a guy into classics and drag racers. Very honest outfit.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some new 16.5 cm speakers for the front and the back of my golf mk3. At the bottom of the price range and - judging by reviews - at the bottom of the quality range, I'm seeing companies like Vibe, FLI and Mac audio, and they seem to be about £20-£40 for a set of components. There then seems to be a massive jump to something like Focal speakers which are priced at £250-£350! There must be some middle ground, something around the £100-£150 mark per pair, right? Any thoughts or help appreciated.
  4. Woah CALICO I didn't even know those existed. Nice. I guess they're rare as rocking hen's teeth? I've just realised that IF I try and fit 3-ways in the dash, and 1, 2 or 3 ways in the doors, I'm gonna hit impedance and power issues. So.... actually the general advice floating around to 'stick components in, bass/mid in door, tweeter in dash' seems to be the easiest unless I want to start having several amps dotted around the car. Which the 18yr old in my head does... but the 36 year old can't be bothered with Thanks for the input thus far!
  5. Ok thanks, I'd rather not mount separate tweeters, so was hoping the tweeters in the Alpine units might be better (and possibly have better crossovers) than the stock VW / Blaupunkt ones. Is that likely? After this the next mod was going to put some bass/mid 16.5cm units in the doors, and work back from there. I could put co-axials in the doors too, but assumed all the top would be lost in the footwells. hmm.. I'm kind of trying to go the 6x9s under shelf, sub in boot, massive outlay, butchered car. That's what I used to do when I was 18... man... butchered Fiesta's. - those were the days
  6. The tweeters in my dash have gone, looks like the capacitors from testing. I'm keen to start upgrading the ICE bit by bit and am planning to put some Alpine SXE-1025S in the dash. I realise I'll need to modify the frame. So... Any thoughts on this? Any reason that putting just tweeters would be preferable? Cheers!
  7. Hi mattvr6 and others, I've just replaced the gaskets on my taillights and get no steaming up now. I know you say there's no water in the boot, but these tail light seals are nearly always compressed and/or split on cars as old as ours. I did a write-up on replacing them and you can see the state of the original seals in the pics: http://myquickfix.co.uk/2014/12/replacing-golf-vr6-mk3-rear-light-seals-fixing-a-leaking-boot/
  8. Hi, I'm starting to get irritated with the dealer-fit (apparently) Conlog alarm in Golf Mk3. I only have one working Fob, the batteries are a bit of a pain to get, the immobiliser lock/unlock type sequence is weird (wife hates it). I'd love to remove the unit altogether. - Before I start finding control boxes and sirens and sensors and tearing stuff out, is there anything I should know? - Has anyone done this and how will I make sure the car isn't permanently immobilised ? - Any thoughts on a replacement i.e. what are you lot fitting as new alarms/immobilisers these days? Thanks! Ben
  9. Golf Mk3 VR6: Part: 1h6 945 191 Desc: Rear light cluster gasket / Tail lamp assembly gasket / seal / bit that causes a very leaky boot. Date: 15 Dec 2014 Price: £17 a pair from thetradepartsspecialists.co.uk (Gloucester) Price: £19 a pair from local dealer (but payment needed on order, and collection following day.. two trips.. meh) Here's a little 'How To' on my site: http://myquickfix.co.uk/2014/12/replacing-golf-vr6-mk3-rear-light-seals-fixing-a-leaking-boot/
  10. Hey gents.. am I being a dork or are mister-solutions.co.uk not selling these plugs any more? If so, any other recommendations for 'cheap' suppliers?
  11. Hi, A while back I bought and used a vGate VS450 fault code reader to track down some running issues (post here). At first I wasn't able to get the unit to read any codes but it turned out to be my stupidity, not the unit! At the time I took some pics, and just found them today, so posted them on my blog for posterity and anyone else who faces the problem or wants to see what the VS450 looks like in use: http://myquickfix.co.uk/2014/05/using-the-vgate-vs450-with-a-mk3-golf-vr6/ I wasn't able to get the unit to reset my service interval 'light' though, so if anyone has been able to do that,
  12. ...no plastic tabs and the channels are full of nasty looking epoxy resin type glue. I'm going to look for new (or tidier) cable routing. Now I just need to find put how it all unbolts. Looks like several torx bolts.
  13. Ah right, I've not noticed any tabs. I'll have a good look at lunch. The current leads look like a mixture of 4 OEM and 2 magnacore jobbies, about 7/8mm I'd say. I'll be buying a new matching set soon to keep things uniform. Thanks
  14. My HT leads won't stay in the slots in the engine cover. Any tips? It looks like a previous owner has tried to glue them in at some point!
  15. I find that leaving the windows open a crack cures it. It seems to happen in mine after the engine / aircon is off, and I've got out, so I wondered if it's moisture in the heater pipes condensing as everything cools. Also has vRS with same problem.
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