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  1. GOLF MK3 VR6 3 DOOR 2.8 - BLACK LC9Z. Got the car in part exchange. All round a sound and solid car. Unmolested engine well looked after. Only mod is the exhaust. Potential to be absoulte stunning car. Private Registration included. R19 GAB. SPECS, Electric Windows. Central Locking. Electric sunroof. Power steering. Toad Alarm, with window closure 2 Keys, 1 Alarm Fob, 1 immobiliser key. 8 Owners, including me. Scorpion exhaust. 135198k on the clock. Tons of receipts. Audi TT alloys (could do with a refurb). Very good tyre all round.
  2. As per title.... SCHRICK Inlet manifold and all ancillaries for VR6 Engine. Selling my spare fully refurbed Schrick Manifold for a VR6 engine. Has been aqua blasted and all bolts re-newed, so literally needs fitting as looks better than new! Was for my Supercharged Mk2 VR but going another route with that now so is surplus to my needs. Currently has an OBD1 throttle body adapter fitted, but OBD2 adapters still readily available both new and second hand. Came off a Stealth tuned VR6 Corrado but will fit all VR6 engines. This is the one for sale: This
  3. Hello to all, Finally got myself another VR6 and it feels like i am a kid all over again i am so exited to start working on my project but first i would like to say hello and also i would like to apologise for all the questions i about to start asking, so the car i have is a MK3 VR6 it has had some work done it has been stripped out and i am only every going to use this as a track car. Currently has a Eaton M112 supercharger fitted with a inter cooler it connected to the belt and it is turning but its not connected into the intake, the guy i bought it off never finished it so i saw an opp
  4. Ok so firstly I apologize for the lengthy post! But I've been putting this off for a fair while so It's going to be a big chunk in one hit and then hopefully keep it up to date! So 5 years ago I had my first VR6, a White Golf Mk3 that I owned for nearly a year and showed with the VR6oc in 2011 Then the next car I had was a Nugget yellow Corrado 16v KR, I literally adored it, however I always wished it had the heart of the Golf... Fast forward to 2013 and I found myself owning another Mk3 that I converted to a VR from an 8v Gti, again I loved it but when the Head gas
  5. Gear box counter weight off a 1997 VR6 Highline obd 2 ideal for polishing or chroming. This is one that came off when i replaced it with a chrome one 1HO 711 188 A Price £15 plus postage or collect
  6. Hi, we had a VR6 Only meet the other day in Tijuana MX, this is the resul i hope you like it!!
  7. Hi. Basically, are there any providers that can provide cheap insurance on a VR6 for a 17/18 year old, that has held a UK license for about a year and is a student? Really need this. Providers be charging over 10k and 10 years ago it was 99% less than that! Thanks!
  8. Hi guys,I'm exited to be here really. I Bought myself a nice clean MKIII VR6 but it's also in the need of some maintenance;Valve cover gasket, Sump gasket, Sump plug, Diagnose cruise control, Handbrake light is always on, Clutch pedal is squeaky, Brake fluid flushMinor rust damage on the bottom of the door jam.I'm an apprentice mechanic working for a small business who are specialists in the German side of cars. I'm willing to put some time into my project and I have seen some decent posts on here which I'm sure will help with my journey. I will also put back into the community so keep an eye
  9. I have a totaled 1999 Jetta VR6 automatic that was hit in the rear. I am putting this engine into a 2001 Jetta VR6 manual. It seems to me this should be a no brainer engine swap? Is there any sensors or computer programming that needs to be done. I have 2 complete cars so it seems to me I should have everything I need? Are there any parts I should replace while engine is out? I am planning on replacing clutch assembly and rear seal on engine. Maybe timing chain guides, water pump? Any help or wisdom would be appreciated.
  10. Kvr6mos


    What's everyone's ideas for more bhp
  11. looked everywhere for a replacement part but cant find one aside from the dieselgeek one. Does anyone know where i could find one or an alternative to this part that can be used.
  12. I'm looking for a 2.8l Vr6 12v engine for my gti to vr6 conversion, ideally I'm wanting one with ancillaries and if anyone has one with a gearbox that's a bonus. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I am Grant from South Africa Background: Vr6 turbo charged 2.9 running on 100% ethanol, boosting 2 bar and car makes 407kw and 780 Nm. Problem: Car was fine for 2 years on 1.5 bar and ethanol but now I keep on melting number 3 and 5 piston on higher then 1.6 bar boost. What can I do to still make the power without melting the pistons.
  14. Say hello to my new girl... A tale of love , pain , tears , sadness & joy all rolled into one (car). It began Thursday 13th of August , sat at work winding down to close , somthing just made me click on Gumtree to see if their were any local VR's (or even GTI's) for a dash , interior & any other good bits. There it was , right at the top of the page a 3 dr black highline , nearest ... As any Northern VR6 owner knows , we don't get a lot of them for sale up this neck of the woods. So a quick email was fired off & one was received just as fast Hi, it is possible that so
  15. Hey everyone, hope you're all well Not been on here for a while as I've not really touched my VR much since putting a new head gasket on her, but seeing my mate get his 1967 Beetle running after being stood for going on 4 years has spurred me on. So, the story is, I changed the head gasket on my 93' Corrado VR6, all was well as it started off the key, after that however it never started again. It looked like it had a spark problem but it turned out to be a dodgy ignition switch but the head has been off again and fully rebuilt and timed back up. So it sounds like it's not getting any compr
  16. Hi, The engine will not start first time, or more accurately it starts and then immediately dies. The second or third time you try the engine will start and run fine. Its an OBD2 VR6 and the problem started when I replaced the Air Flow Meter (& Coil pack). I've checked VAG-COM/VCDS, and no faults are displayed. The air flow meter appears to be working correctly (outputs bigger numbers when throttle is opened). Fuel pressure is fine. Lambda probe seems to indicate the engine is running rich (mostly negative lambda adjustment numbers, measuring blocks 004). Possibly related - I think
  17. Hey Guys im in looking for an ecu for my mk2 conversion . I've a picture below of the ecu that was with the car and the code. Any help would be appreciated as the car is useless without one.
  18. Hi, I am part way through rebuilding my 2.9 vr6 and come across a problem. Basically at some point in its life the Cam distributor drive has snapped a tooth off as these pictures show: I can see that the part is an individual item but I cannot seem to find where to buy one from. The part number is 021.109.475 can anyone help me find one? Also has anyone ever heard of this happening and a reason as to why it would happen? Thanks, Andy
  19. Hi all, I am on the lookout for a Milltek cat back Twin Jet system for a MK3 Golf vr6, so if anyone is looking to get rid of one, contact me on 07722140319, or email to alex.jr.may@gmail.com Cheers.
  20. North west area prefered , but willing to travel or arrange a courier. Looking for a tailgate in Tornado red with spoiler (will accept other colour but would rather hold out) Stainless system or just a back box for the moment ( to get rid of those horrible stock twintails ) Cheap 3 door gti for interior swop , so no rips or saggy bolsters , non airbag black dash , prefer a short MOT number that can be driven rather than trailered , tornado red would be great but again will go with another colour ( keep those eyes peeled for me people ) Think thats it for the moment , PM's please. Tha
  21. Thought it was best to start a build thread for my Mk2 Golf as I have been doing a lot of work since taking ownership and have a lot more planned. Lest rewind back 18 months when I had the Mk5 golf It was an awesome car to own but had a pathetic 1.6 fsi and that needed to change so I began to browse the web. I have always loved Mk2 Golfs especially in Tornado Red. I spent a few months looking around lots of vehicles with very limited success. I did however decide that I wanted a solid shell that had had a re-spray as this is something I’m not so confident in taking on myself. I also decid
  22. Some of you will know me from on here and VR60c meets years ago, some of you won't (think my original VR6oc Number was 007!) Had a lot of people ask and PM me where this cars been of late, so thought I'd add this in here. After being off the road for 5 years due to a nut coming loose from the Shrick divertor valve and going through the engine, totally destroying my low mileage mint engine I lost interest in the money pit and had other projects on the go, so the car sat in the garage for 5 years generally being in the way! So after a full Low Comp engine rebuild, Stage 2 Vortech, (The Z-Enginee
  23. Hi guys, I'm working on a AAA VR6 (rotor) Turbo project atm and I've found someone who's selling a new Garrett GT3582R. Specs; Turbine: Inlet: T3 Outlet: 4 blot 3,0" outlet Diameter: 68 mm Trim: 84 A/R: 1.06 Compressor: Diameter: 82 mm Trim: 56 A/R: 0.70 Is this turbo suitable for a vr6 engine ? I've done some research on it but can't find a proper answer.. I'm looking to get around 350-400hp out of it by just some ARP bolts, Decompression plate, intercooler, injectors, 3" downpipe, ... no serious updates, mostly stock parts (cams etc). At first I was looking at some GT30's but th
  24. Hi Guys, Just browsing the net for a new ride! getting bored of my 3rd diesel in a row after owning GTI & VR's. Skoda Superb Elegance (+L&K) DSG is great but just got the Mrs a 61 reg Touran 1.6 DSG... So I no longer need a diesel. Looking to P/X or sell and get a V6... Its either bk to old skool with a Mk2 Vr6 or Mk3 Vr6 or go for a mk4/5 R32... ( budget is around 5k, dont wanna spend every penny i have on a car. I have a small family and business to run which are getting bigger) I dont wanna splash out on this new car or be taking it to the garage every 3 months for repairs... S
  25. lee

    Wanted Golf VR6!

    Hi,anyone got a VR6 for sale,had a few in my time,i am a new comer to the club, my number is 07770568765 thanks,price upto £2k.
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