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  1. I've been told that going 400+ with stock engine interials is not a good idee because the stock parts just can't handle the pressure. And still, 400hp in an MK2 (front wheels only) is quite enough for me. The thing is I can buy this turbo for a super good price so that's why I am heavily considering buying it (cheaper than a gt30). Is there any difference, except for the lagg, between a .82 and 1.06 ? I see many who say/write they prefer the 1.06 over the .82 afteral. Why not use a GT35r 1.06 on low boost to keep it arround 400 ? (I am learning & this is all quite new for me, just a ques
  2. Hi guys, I'm working on a AAA VR6 (rotor) Turbo project atm and I've found someone who's selling a new Garrett GT3582R. Specs; Turbine: Inlet: T3 Outlet: 4 blot 3,0" outlet Diameter: 68 mm Trim: 84 A/R: 1.06 Compressor: Diameter: 82 mm Trim: 56 A/R: 0.70 Is this turbo suitable for a vr6 engine ? I've done some research on it but can't find a proper answer.. I'm looking to get around 350-400hp out of it by just some ARP bolts, Decompression plate, intercooler, injectors, 3" downpipe, ... no serious updates, mostly stock parts (cams etc). At first I was looking at some GT30's but th
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