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Found 14 results

  1. Oh no, another Noob

    So at my second attempt at buying a Corrado VR6, the first being when I was living in Florida 15 years ago. The I saw this one on Fleabay, phoned the owner and had a good chat with him about the car and today went up to see it and go for a test drive. No pics yet but those taken from the add. The interior is good - it even has the original tape deck! Externally the metalwork is in good condition for a 26 year old car with no rust. The bumpers are showing their age though, and will need some TLC down the line. There are 5 Porsche D90 wheels with tyres that have only done 400 miles. Mechanically the car is very nice and where the previous own has done a lot of work. Some of the work that's been done: brakes are 312mm discs up front with Audi TT mk1/S3 callipers, Golf mk4 aluminium callipers at the back, all with Goodridge stainless lines. Also had the ABS pump rebuilt. The coilovers are ST with height and rebound adjustment. Full Milltek exhaust including Milltek cat. The front subframe and suspension is all new and has been power coated. So the deposit is paid, I just need to finalise the sale of my car and arrange a day to collect. There are only 3 things I will need to do pretty soon after buying: a full oil and filter change, fix / relpace sunroof motor and replace the idle control valve. Bring it on
  2. Corrado long shot

    Possibly chancing my luck here looking for some parts for my Corrado which I'm currently restoring to factory. Anyone here breaking one? At present I'm looking for left tow eye cover for front bumper and the engine cover (VR6 DOHC) with more parts required going forward but looking at sorting these first for starters. Alternatively if you know anyone breaking one please let me know i'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Corrado Campaign VR6

    We have an engine & transmission in! Exciting times as the #Campaign edges ever closer to completion! #corradocampaign #resto #VW #rare #ultrararevw photo.php-fbid=10157317895570310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARBS7Noe8CYF6y6eBNoERVg8lRNDgYUmXAAc.url photo.php-fbid=10157317895510310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARDlbhwYCRYbzhQb1nU8kjrx9un5oQgGvRCY.url photo.php-fbid=10157317895570310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARBS7Noe8CYF6y6eBNoERVg8lRNDgYUmXAAc.url photo.php-fbid=10157317895800310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARAc5AGiEChcwcM0R-Ef9t_jyFdsGqwz-E34.url
  4. Candy VR

    Hey all, I have a RR thread elsewhere so the first few posts will be bringing thread to date. Owned the car since the beginning of 2018 and am finally getting around to starting my thread to showcase pictures jobs done to the car. Background on the car:1995 VR6Purchased with 149k with full service history (serviced every year)Standard exampleIt has had a blow-over respray at some point in its original colour - Candy White. Looks nice from a distance but not perfect around deals.Everything worked* on purchaseThe car as it stands today @ 151k: Current list of jobs:- Sunroof no longer works and the replacement I put in at a cost of £170 snapped within a week.- Noticed some rust on the A Pillar behind internal trim. Not visible on the outside and probably caused due the windscreen trim being cracked directly above the rust patch.- ABS light on occasionally. Says it's the Brake Pedal Sensor (mostly).- Suspension wants refreshing- Leather or Recaro's (don't we all).- I want to preserve the underside with underseal.More to follow on the jobs done this year...
  5. Good Morning All, Longtime Corrado owner but first-time poster so be kind! I currently own a black, N reg VR6 Corrado. I have owned it for almost 5 years now after buying it off my previous manager. The car has almost 94k miles on it, which from the MOT history and the fact that I know the history of the car, are genuine. Due to new houses and other much less fun, adult things going on in my life, I have made/been forced into the decision to sell it. The car is in mechanically tip-top condition. It's been both serviced by garages and looked after by myself, depending on the size of the job. During my ownership, I've replaced all discs, pads, wheel bearings, abs sensors, radiator, starter motor, plugs leads, heater matrix, upgraded wiring loom to name but a few. I have also changed the exhaust to a stainless cat back as the original exhaust was held together with welding, tape, and good will... Unfortunately, there is some rust starting to appear on the car. Nothing Major, round the wheel arches, a bit on the door and behind the VR6 badge. I have made an attempt to sell the car before using a recommended and agreeable price (£4k) that I was given by a certain car sales website. I looked about online and it seemed to be one of the cheapest out there, especially when taking in to account the miles on the car. Advertised at this price just attracted punters offering ridiculously low figures and when I further lowered the price, it just further encouraged even lower offers! I got so fed up off this, I took the car off the market and it has been tucked up in the garage ever since. I've come on here to seek advice for two points: 1. What sort of price should I realistically be looking for? Looking online, prices seem to be all over the shop? 2. Would it be worth the time and money to get it to a body shop and get the bodywork sorted? I.e. would I get back the money that I would be willing to spend on it? I'm at my wits end with this so any help would be much appreciated! Chas
  6. A sad day. Selling the rado..

    A truly sad day has come, my Corrado is for sale. Owned the car for the best part of five years and it’s been an absolute blast. Click on the link and if anyone’s interested or know anyone who may be interested, send me a message! Cheers ? https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/corrado/volkswagen-corrado-vr6-------------------1995/8609277#/home
  7. Beloved Corrado VR6 for Sale

    See link below for information on Corrado Sale: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201804055265098
  8. Afternoon fella's Hope you're all doing well on this wet and windy Monday. Just wanted some opinions on this, I've done the head gasket on my VR6 some time ago, not really touched it much but I've started working on her again, just in the process of removing the head but, I did a compression test on all cylinders and they were rather disappointing, I've suspected the head hasn't been correctly installed so I suspect head issue as she was running fine prior, just minor oil burn when she was in the high revs but fine down low. So, dry compression test showed the following. Cylinder #1 - 30 PSI Cylinder #2 - 60 Cylinder #3 - 40 Cylinder #4 - 50 Cylinder #5 - 50 Cylinder #6 - 40 After the poor results, I did a wet compression test on two of the cylinders again to check there wasn't a dramatic increase. Cylinder #1 - stayed at 30 PSI Cylinder #3 - Went up to 70 Cylinder # 4 stayed the same. From my understanding, this would indicate a head issue, burnt valve/bent/poorly seated head. While I have the head off, does anyone know any good means to test the pistons don't have too much slack in them, going to do the head gasket again, but it would be nice while it's off to be able to test them. Any help would be amazing to help get the old girl back on the road.

    Hi All, Been doing a fair bit of browsing around here for a while now and decided it was time to join up and post some bits I'm still in need of knowing. I've had my 16v Corrado for about a year now and as much as I love driving it, I've really been toying the idea of sticking a VR in it. I managed to purchase an AUE engine from a lad down in Devon at a bargain price of £50 although admittedly, it came with no ancillaries, looms or ECU etc. So has anyone on here used the AQP,AUE,BDF engine in their Corrado? Are the ECU's interchangeable on them? Will any looms from any of the engines work with it?
  10. For sale is my 1995 (29.08.1995) VW Corrado VR6 that I have owned since March 2005. It has done 103,655 miles and passed its latest MOT on 13th July 2016 (new roll bar and 2 brake hoses replaced). The car is black with leather interior, working spoiler and, aside from an auto to manual conversion completed by Stealth Racing in June 2007, is entirely standard. The exterior of the car is in good condition for its age and very reliable mechanically. However, the bodywork does require some attention to address several rust spots mainly on the rear as shown in the pictures. The interior is generally in very good condition. I have left the rust areas and priced accordingly so that the buyer can address these as they see fit and with confidence in the work done, as opposed to choosing to cheaply bodyshop them for superficial results to get more £s for the car. The car drives very well and can be driven calmly, sedately and smoothly below 3000 rpm (my default), but can then still keep up with most things on the road and make a stunning noise when you need or want it to! The car has been a big part of our family for many years but with a growing family and the car requiring some TLC to get it back looking like it deserves, the time is right to let it go to a new and hopefully loving home! In my opinion this is a very fair price for a great car that will return value beyond the money needed to get it into VGC. Please post below if you want to discuss anything or want to come view the car (located in Staffordshire).

    I bought this car last year in with the intention of super charging it, due to other commitments and work I no longer have the time for it. The car is in use every weekend so milage may increase a little. It was originally an Auto and was converted professionally by the previous owner. Gear box is smooth and is perfect no issues what so ever. The gearbox was removed from a donor vehicle that covered 100k miles. Auxiliary belt has been changed old one is in the boot. In the process of having the manual conversion the clutch was also replaced with a brand new one. I have no proof of this as I was told by the previous owner. I have no reason to doubt his claim as everything else was how he described. Engine is superb no leaks or rattles, I drove this back over 300 miles when I purchased it and I enjoyed every minute of it. Currently it has covered approximately 117,750 miles, No sign of chain rattle or wobbly pulleys, they seem fine. The car stands quite at idle, even at speed unless you hit the throttle which brings out the amazing VR6 grunt. I have pictures of work being carried out for anyone to view. *Exterior Bodywork for the age is outstanding in my opinion, no rust under arches or in any other common rust spots, only bit of rust noted is on the roof where the windscreen meets the body. Its about the size of a 10p coin. Underneath is the same very clean for the age of the car, as you know the sills are a weak point on these, will probably need attention in the near future. I had it undersealed not so long ago. Small surface scratches here and there and a few stone chips on the bonnet, I put this down to wear and tear. Wheels are near mint condition slight curbing on the rears on inner lip (I have stretched tyres) genuine 16" staggered Porsche D90's in gunmetal grey with fantastic tyre thread all round (almost like new) 6J at front 8J at rear. They have been fitted using 20MM FK hub centric adaptors. *Interior Headlining restored in black velvet leaving some areas as highlights (see pics) looks lovely and it really sets this car apart from others. A polished show cage is fitted, if not to your taste it is easily removed. The front seats have been replaced with genuine MK4 Recaro's they look stunning and really keep you in the seat when driving and taking corners. These will still need a little adjusting if I have to be honest, they work as they should. The heating element for these can be retrofitted, switches are still present. Currently not connected. *Fresh 12 months MOT (June 2017) *Stainless steel 6 branch exhaust manifold *Polished Corrado 2.9 inlet manifold (better air intake) *PCV valve deleted *Air Con deleted *Rear wiper deleted *R-power induction kit (cone style) *Upgraded 10MM HT leads *MK4 full leather Recaro seats *MK4 gear knob (wood style) *High flow sports cat *Sebring exhaust (centre & rear) *Genuine Moretti quad headlights with 8K HID's *Adjustable coil-overs (all round) *Original spark plug remover on bonnet catch *Aero wiper upgrade *Power windows/Tilt & slide E.Sunroof/E.Side mirrors *New Crank sensor fitted 16/06/2016 *6 previous owners *Bad bits Front driver side headlight is cracked. Glass can be purchased online via Ebay etc. Part service history + VOSA MOT printouts. This can be verified online by anyone. A Few bits need attention as mentioned which are not very concerning or expensive to fix. Very reluctant sale as I put in a lot of my time and money in getting it near mint, I'm not desperate to sell so wont be letting it go for peanuts so please no haggling, I have been very honest in describing the vehicle there maybe things I have forgotten therefore I will update as soon as possible. I did a complete HPI when purchasing and it was all clear. But please do your own checks for peace of mind. *Extras I have quite a few new and used bits and pieces that Im happy to give with the car, these will be added at NO EXTRA cost if my asking price is met. PICTURES & VIDEOS available on request. (WhatsApp messenger) NO test drives without proof of fully comp insurance and driving license. NO swaps/Px, straight sale only. Viewings can be arranged in advance. Advertised elsewhere. Cash offers welcome.
  12. GOLF MK3 VR6 3 DOOR 2.8 - BLACK LC9Z. Got the car in part exchange. All round a sound and solid car. Unmolested engine well looked after. Only mod is the exhaust. Potential to be absoulte stunning car. Private Registration included. R19 GAB. SPECS, Electric Windows. Central Locking. Electric sunroof. Power steering. Toad Alarm, with window closure 2 Keys, 1 Alarm Fob, 1 immobiliser key. 8 Owners, including me. Scorpion exhaust. 135198k on the clock. Tons of receipts. Audi TT alloys (could do with a refurb). Very good tyre all round. New SACH clutch fitted a few months back by the last owner. Crytal rear lights BAD BITS, Recorded as CAT D in 2008. Drivers seat ripped. Left hand cover under steering wheel missing. Rust on the wings. No speakers and no stereo. Viewing recommended. PICTURES Open to offer. £1100ono Car is in Birmingham text or call - 07813 099828
  13. Ok so firstly I apologize for the lengthy post! But I've been putting this off for a fair while so It's going to be a big chunk in one hit and then hopefully keep it up to date! So 5 years ago I had my first VR6, a White Golf Mk3 that I owned for nearly a year and showed with the VR6oc in 2011 Then the next car I had was a Nugget yellow Corrado 16v KR, I literally adored it, however I always wished it had the heart of the Golf... Fast forward to 2013 and I found myself owning another Mk3 that I converted to a VR from an 8v Gti, again I loved it but when the Head gasket let go i let it go, the bodywork wasn't fantastic and there were a few rot issues so this kind of forced my hand... I ended up then owning a Bora that I bagged on RH splits and kept for nearly 2 years, then owning a Mk2 Jetta with the intention of a VR swap, however it simply wasn't a good enough base for what I really wanted and the cost would have been a bit much, besides, at this point, I'd found what I always wanted. So with the Bora put back to standard and sold and the Jetta sold I paid off a load of debts and ended up buying in October 2015 what deep down I had always wanted... a Corrado Vr6. The history of the car was pretty interesting, it has been owned by a chap who runs a local to me VW parts supplier called veedubmachine, his son then took over ownership, prior to them owning it was still in Cornwall owned by a guy since 2000 where he bought it from VW, I dont't have any history before this but the plate suggests the car came from ireland, and any info I've found on registration leads to 96' which is pretty odd. It's a late Corrado VR with the plastic rocker cover but with OBD1 ABS pump, late heater controls, and genuine 2.9 ABV. On pick up the car had 128k and had been sitting for about 6 months under a tree due to needing some work for MOT. The car ran and drove lovely, the main issues being rot that needed addressing. With a deal made at £1700 including standard speedlines, standard tail lights, and a spare bootlid as the current one was rotten I contacted my friend with a recovery truck and collected the car as soon as I could The rot was on the Filler flap area, the rear arch, the drivers door, the drivers sill, and the bootlid. This picture shows the worst of the rot which was around the filler. So with that work needing doing for an MOT the car went the whole 5 miles from collecting straight to the bodyshop! Haha! A good while later I got the car home and on my driveway, had the drivers side repainted, the rot repaired, and had a few extra bits done while the car was there. The new bootlid was painted and fitted with the rear wiper being deleted and the hole smoothed, I had the rear badges deleted and smoothed over, and I had the drivers side rub strip removed (I did want both but I removed the n/s myself) Got the car through MOT and then started to crack on with the inevitable jobs that needed doing... first one being the lovely wet floor that greeted me after a rainy night! Did the heater matrix, cleaned the scuttle tray and replaced the foliage seal, removed the headlining which sagged and replaced that along with the sunroof seal (77 quid! Thanks Volkswagen!), removed the carpet to de water the floor and binned the factory soundproofing and replaced, and cleaned up the interior prior to re-fit. These jobs were actually doing in a few hits rather than in one go over the space of a few weeks but it's much easier to cover it this way! I did at roughly the same sort of time start to tidy a few things up exterior wise to make the car my own, I spent quite a lot of time on the remaining original paint to bring it up to standard, satin blacked the rear plate plinth, fitted red side repeaters to replace the smoked, full red tinted the standard rear lights (spent 2 days alone just on them!) I got included in the car purchase as frankly I detested the crystal lights :/ and fitted a set of JOM coilovers, not the best but a temporary measure until I can get the funds together for something like a set of H+R's At this point I was starting to feel much happier with the car and it felt much more like my own, I did also have my number plate fitted in between all of this which has moved from car to car over the past few years, so G3 OCD brands the Corrado proudly I did do a lot of maintenance in between all of this too, including rocker gasket, fresh paint on the inlet manifold, new red Beru leads, new NGK platinum plugs, new oil, new coolant, new expansion tank, new thermostat, new thermo housing, new sensors for the thermo housing, new rad switch and probably a ton of other stuff in between I've forgotten about! Needless to say I was doing my best to look after it on the inside aswell as out! The next job... well Ultimate Dubs 2016 was approaching fast, and after chatting with Mike on here If I could set a decent set of shoes on the car and the drop right the car could grace the VR6OC stand for the show, something I was seriously keen for bearing in mind I'd shown with the VR6OC 5 years previous! So I managed to find a set of wheels... Rays Volk CV pro 3 piece splits, I've only indluded a buily up picture at the end as frankl;y this is long winded enough! But in the few weeks prior to UD they went from untouched 25 year old wheels, to fully rebuilt, polished lip, painted centres, new tuner bolts, new bolts and buts for assembly, the whole 9 yards, all the work carried out on my own and the wheels went on on the friday before Ultimate Dubs combined with a drop of the JOM coilovers and a chassis notch... cutting it close is an understatement! So with the wheels on, the drop done, the car cleaned up, and a satin black VR6OC show plate sorted UD 2016 actually happened! The car got a great reception, however its safe to say the trip wasn't without event! The car developed serious running issues on the way up which lasted a good week until it was diagnosed to be the Coilpack, I had also replaced the MAF at this point!One of the tyres was leaking horrendously which resulted in me resealing a wheel a day after the show! And the bonnet and rear bumper I had in the bodyshop werent ready in time so I had my old bonnet and rear bumper both of which were damaged on the car while it was on show... Got the new coilpack fitted... Got the new Kode half dished suede red stitch wheel I bought at the show fitted up And got the old bonnet and rear bumper binned off as I collected the new repainted parts a few days later Since then I've been enjoyed the car and doing a few jobs in between, had to go over the coolant system again and found the waterpump had died so I had it replaced, and did a full coolant flush (again) around the same time. I also had the dash out for a second time after discovering the heater box flaps were blowing cold thanks to the good old foam disintegrating! I've replaced all the foam, tidied the wiring behind the dash, cleaned up everything, and sorted out the heater cables a bit as they were sticking... This brings me up to date, no doubt theres some stuff I've missed but here some pictures of the car from lately now everything seems to be going well, still plenty I need to do, and want to do with the car but its all in the works Oh wait... i forgot the latest update... Well the car is fairly low to say the least... the engines raised but none the less the sump is just about at the same level as the subframe, bearing in mind the subframe has been hitting the floor quite a bit! Was driving home from my partners place about an hour from mine, about 2 minutes into the trip I hit a cats eyes completely wrong and whacked the sump HARD, The oil light went bezerk and buzzed and by the time I got to a safe spot it was too late... the car had lost power then cut out completely, so I'm pretty certain I've seized the engine.... Two recovery trucks and about 2 hours and the car was loaded up and recovered home. So at this point in time the car is needing a new engine, which I may well have found, the wheels are possibly sold to pay for it (was selling them anyway to go a another way wheels wise), and I'm walking to work haha! Fingers crossed they'll be some updates soon on new engine to get it back on the road! Peace :0 Geo.
  14. Hi All, ECU ODB2, Inlet Manifold ODB2, Throttle Body ODB2, Dash Clock, Engine Loom ODB2. (Bought from Johnathan @ stealth racing) £100ovno Prices plus postage. Location Birmingham. Feel free to ring or text on 07813 099828. Thx