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  1. Yea that's what I figured, just wanted an opinion. I might hold out till I can find something in better condition, or just bite the bullet and pull my bottom end out and work with that, better the devil you know and all that. Cheers again
  2. This is the block I've been looking at, it's the bare bottom end, but I've just messaged the fella asking for details asking about the millage of this, he has told me it had done 315K when it was removed, no smoke or rattles Now, I know the VR6 was a tough engine, but my god, is this going to be a dead stick to work with and I mean no disrespect if the person is on here. He did point out and I can see it in one of the pictures that it still has the cross hatching on the bores, I've looked at mine which had done 184k and even that doesn't have the cross hatching. http://
  3. You know, there is one on eBay at the moment which I have been looking at, I was avoiding the 2.9 bottom end because I thought it would be a waste, but it would be nice to have another block set aside to work on that can just be swapped out eventually. Cheers for the advice fella, going to see what I can find.
  4. You are right, plus it would be nice to have the correct serial number matching with the car, my plan was to get a 2.8 VR6 and have it bored out to 2.9 and then use my pistons. The bottom is still in the car at this stage, I was just planning on doing the head gasket really but this has changed my plans, I'm in Manchester fella but appreciate the help. I will have to see about getting the bottom end out now I reckon and go from there. Thanks guys
  5. just to open this up a little more. Heads off, found some scoring on one or two of the cylinders, I still think the gasket wasn't sealing which was the low compression but hoping for a bit of advise. I did plan to just put the new head gasket on and get the head pressure tested just to get her back on the road, kind of torn now with what to do, I don't know if to try and get another block, 2.8 (I've heard they have less issues due to the thicker cylinder walls) but I didn't want to go down this route so soon. How badly is the engine going to run if I was to
  6. Alright buddy, yea I think the head has been put on badly, I compression tested the rest of the pistons and they were all down so I've taken the head off today and the head bolts were, well they weren't tight at all. Cheers for the info on what PSI they should be fella, I'm going to do the gasket and head again and torque them correctly then see what I get
  7. Afternoon fella's Hope you're all doing well on this wet and windy Monday. Just wanted some opinions on this, I've done the head gasket on my VR6 some time ago, not really touched it much but I've started working on her again, just in the process of removing the head but, I did a compression test on all cylinders and they were rather disappointing, I've suspected the head hasn't been correctly installed so I suspect head issue as she was running fine prior, just minor oil burn when she was in the high revs but fine down low. So, dry compression test showed t
  8. Hey everyone, hope you're all well Not been on here for a while as I've not really touched my VR much since putting a new head gasket on her, but seeing my mate get his 1967 Beetle running after being stood for going on 4 years has spurred me on. So, the story is, I changed the head gasket on my 93' Corrado VR6, all was well as it started off the key, after that however it never started again. It looked like it had a spark problem but it turned out to be a dodgy ignition switch but the head has been off again and fully rebuilt and timed back up. So it sounds like it's not getting any compr
  9. So, Had to have the mobilizer removed from my Corrado VR6 recently and I had a friend remove it and put everything back to factory until I can buy a new alarm for the car, it's a 93' and as far as I know it didn't come with any factory immobilizer. Two wires had been splicer from the ignition loom, which he has rejoined, however since doing this the sunroof/spoiler and a few other little bits and bats didn't seem to work, originally you would turn on the ignition, everything would come on for a second then go off, and you would need to swipe the fob and it would all come back on, but since
  10. New on here so I've not shown anyone on here this which I carried out last year,so I thought I'd post some pics for you all to browse, As per, when I got my Corrado it had a list of things wrong with it, Sunroof didn't work, passengers window also didn't work... spoiler worked, some how and the heater controls didn't work and I'm sure anyone on here with late style controls knows the going rate of them in terms of price (£90 or there abouts), so instead I decided to fit a Climatronic unit from a Bora V5. Was a pig of a job to do, had to remount where it bolts up to the bulk head, I did pla
  11. Now, I know this is supposed to be fairly straight forward from what I've read but I am wondering if my tensioner bolt is past it, I have the old style one, so I know you have to use a thin piece of wire to release the bearing in bottom, but my question is how hard should you have to press down, I'm using a B string of a guide to do it and it isn't releasing at all, from what I understand I should be able to press it down easily once this has been released but it will not move at all Any help would be aweomse
  12. That's a damn good question... I know the chains/clutch were done in 2009 before I got the car, I wonder if they got the wrong chain kit at the time and whoever has done the work has just put it on anyways... I don't know what to do now, to swap this out for a single chain I would need to pull the engine/gearbox to either change the intermediate socket to a duplex one, or swap out the sprockets and top chain for a simplex chain right?
  13. Pics and video, is this too tight or is that how it should be, this is after turning the engine over two turns of the crank Sent from my HTC One SV using Tapatalk
  14. Right, so I've been out and done it again today, I removed the sprocket of cam 1-3-6 and adjusted the crank to dead on TDC, with the intermediate sprocket notch in view, fitted the chain so all the slack is on the tension bolt side and fitted the cam cover and bolt to test the timing, and this is how I left it so far
  15. Hopefully I do, I'm going to spend the day tomorrow with it I think. My plan is to remove the Cam on 1,2,4 and get the engine timed up again, finger tighten the sprocket and test the timing and make sure the slack is on the tensioner side and there's no slack between the cam sprockets, if it's all well then I will nip up the sprocket bolts and hopefully it will run ok... hopefully
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