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  1. Sweet as [emoji41] Happy dayz indeed [emoji1303]
  2. Three year old post unsure if they are still about. Welcome to the party [emoji3060]
  3. What he said. The days of cars as we know it, is coming to an end enjoy it before it’s to late and gov tax them off the road.
  4. Dogma


    Hello and welcome to the party [emoji3060] Enjoy that lovely vr6 [emoji1303]
  5. The car looks nice and clean. Unsure on price, but on the condition of car I think it’s fair price. The only thing going against it is the time of year. I would hold on it if you can until Spring. Would be a shame to let it go to cheap.
  6. Dogma

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome to the party.
  7. Hi It’s a tuff one. To start wrong time of the year to sell. Condition is a big factor. Rust hmm well If i see rust on the body work it would make me think what about the rust I can’t see! Let’s not forget demand, which I don’t think there is much for the Corrado. I own one and love them, but let’s face it parts are nightmare to get. So even tho £4000 maybe good there are a lot of factors that would put people off. I hope this helps some.
  8. Lovely well looked after Corrado. [emoji106][emoji2532]
  9. Sweet good luck for the weekend. [emoji106][emoji2532]
  10. Sweet my wife has a bora TDI tho. But what a car it just keeps going. Nice to see. [emoji1303] I currently have a golf ed30 and a Corrado vr6
  11. Hello Welcome along, you sound busy [emoji2]
  12. Cracking wheels, but I can’t help thinking it looked better with the gold wheels. [emoji1303] What is the ride like with them fitted?
  13. What did you decide to do in the end?
  14. Get it on a computer to see what is being logged.
  15. Good luck with the sale.
  16. Sounds like something has come lose. I would get the system fully checked
  17. Lovley good luck with the sale.
  18. Maybe worth asking the same question on the Corrado forum [emoji41] [emoji106]
  19. In Tadley? Ive only used them to fit my exhaust, but the guy running the garage seems to know his Corrado’s
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