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  1. OMG Bit of a journey there bud, at least you got an answer. Hoping you get this sorted, so you can start enjoying the motor. [emoji1303]
  2. [emoji33][emoji2961]
  3. Nice one. I will have that please. £20 delivered?
  4. Sounds nice keep it, as Modern cars are boring [emoji16]
  5. Hi I’m interested Was the part number, as I want this for my Corrado and wanted to ensure it will fit. Which I’m sure it will. [emoji23]
  6. The link don’t drop in to the ad (well for me anyways)
  7. Ah good, but sad news. Good to hear it’s going to someone who will care for her. [emoji1360]
  8. It’s got to be sold! Just look at it! [emoji39]
  9. Removed wheels off car and cleaned[emoji16] Stuck original wheels on to clean others. [emoji40]
  10. Sounds like a cable issue or Pedal stop on floor to me, but seem strange in every gear it stops a 5500 rpm almost like the ECU it’s governing the revs.
  11. Lovely motor, someone is go to get a lovely sorted VR6. If I could I would of had that, but to many cars already. [emoji1303]
  12. Dogma

    Back on the road

    Top job [emoji1303]
  13. Shame your a long way from me, could of asked my mechanic.
  14. Do you have the old leads you could try changing one at a time and see anything changes.
  15. Petrol is never going to work, as well you could use oil.
  16. Guttered....mate Maybe it’s time to get a pro to look at it. What condition is the coil pack like? Did you change all the HT leads?
  17. Pipped at the post. [emoji2957]
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