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  1. My VR at rest

    Lovely mate. How long you owned it?
  2. Hi mate. Is it a mark 4? Im not certain but thought they stopped making the VR6 Golf in 1998?
  3. Hi Markie, Just coming back here to update. It cut out again the next day and the RAC ran a diag on it. It pointed to the G28 Engine Speed Sensor. A part what seems to go by at least three names just to confuse the novice even further. If you google (like I did after getting the results of the diag) G28 and Mk3 Golf the net is littered with people with the same problem. I have no clue why any and all MK3 forums do not have a Sticky stating if your Mk3 wont start or is intermittent change this plug and play 20 quid part. Hell just change it as you buy your Mk3. Its peanuts and simple to fit. Such a shame you were the first person to post a reply. Im thankful you have. It would be nice to find a forum where there were many active MK3 members all conversing and such. I appreciate to the old sweats its all been done but to new sweats like me who eats and dreams Mk3s it would be really nice to find a forum thats active. No offence to this forum specifically. Many are like this. IE 100 views and no replies per post. Its quite deflating to think I am the last man standing who remembers / loves Mk3 VR6s :-/ Saddening Thanks again for your reply and trying to help fella. Appreciated.
  4. Hello

    Thanks Dogma
  5. Hi there. Can anyone help me with this ongoing problem that is getting steadily worse. I have a MK3 VR6 what was first registered in 1997 that I have owned for a few months. Since I have owned it once in 25 times for no apparent reason it simply will not start. This could be first thing on a morning when cold (However starts fine the other approx 24 time in minus 5 after a night outside) similarly and most embarrassingly it could be after working fine all day and then refusing to start back up after a momentary engine off stop for petrol. The solution to this annoying and embarrassing problem (haha look at the guy with the old golf pfft) is to leave it alone for 30 mins and then try it again and it will burst back into life like this has never ever happened. The problem has now progressed. To the point where when I am driving it cuts out. Its now done this 3 times but twice restarted right away. Tonight was the last straw. An obnoxious sod was in his BMW in the right hand / overtaking lane of my local dual carriageway. He thought he would impress his GF and instead of just pulling over (I wasent driving aggressively) he would just burn me off. Unfortunately for him I now have a VR6 and kept pace with him and eventually he gave up and I shot past him. Ahhhhhh felt great! He went straight on and I entered the off ramp to turn off. It goes down to a traffic lit round about at it was rush hour. After all that amazing performance just moments ago with the BMW (Hence me mentioning it) it just cut dead. Queues of traffic up my backside. Of course would it hell start. But once again after leaving it alone for 30 mins (Like a tosser with everyone having to drive around my now golf fish bowl I seemed to be in) it bursts back into life like it was nothing wrong. This prove the battery is strong as I must have panic turned it over many times. A few other symptoms to mention that mayor may not be related. ABS light rarely, once a fortnight comes on for 5 mins. Then goes out. This one is terrible!! My VR6 is automatic and it will acctually start in D or any gear. Very very dangerous!! I know other automatics wouldn't start or even turn over in any gear other than D or N. So automatics and the car starting must all be interlinked. Can anyone please shed any light onto what is going on here. I have wanted a VR6 for decades. I really really want to love this car more than any woman but need to have faith in it. This is my only ride. Right now after tonight's fiasco with this car being my only ride I will be getting the bus for a while.
  6. FAQ for turbo-ing your 12v/24v vr6

    Hi, I know this is an old thread but it is still helping newbies like myself today. So thank you
  7. ugggggg, not another painfully slow Mk3 forum :-/
  8. Hi, Sometimes when i kickdown hard I get the neck snapping desired result. But others its like it really needs to drop yet another gear........ but doesn't. I have only owned my Vr6 for a month so still finding out the personal quirks. Its immaculate and dealer serviced back to day one for 100k. It drives faultlessly with no rattles on shakes or anything bad. Except for this kickdown. Also in the first week I had the opposite problem where it would not idel. IE if I was moving forward at say 30MPH it and took my foot of all pedals you would expect the car to gradually slow to a halt. However mine would speed up. The only way I could cancel this was the stop, put it in N and rev it hard. This seemed to work temporarily. Eventually I seem to have cured this problem. I basically thrashed it in 1st 2nd and 3rd for a few minutes in each. I was shocked when this seemed to do the trick. Im wondering if the two are likely related. Im no mechanic, I have very little idea to the mechanical side. But it would be great to get some pointers by some specialists on here so when I go to my garage who haven't seen a 20 year old car in forever, they don't keep fixing the wrong thing and ultimately spending my money. Its my first post other than saying hello in the newbie forum.
  9. Hello

    Hi all, Always wanted a VR6 and scored myself a lush highline. Pleased to be part of this group.