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  1. Hi all!!! New to this site so I thank anyone in advance for any replies I receive. My golf has a miltec non resonated cat back with miltec s3 rear box,cats have been removed and as for induction it only has a pipercros panel filter. I want a dyno remap and after trawling various sites I'm being pushed towards amd in Essex. Question is its a 460 mile round trip and wanted to know if there is anywere nearer to the north west who can do just as good a job. I'm aware the bhp etc is very minimal and iys all about throttle response and mid range gains,I don't mind doing the trip but just wanted to k
  2. www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-golf-28-v6-4motion/1181633673
  3. Hi first off I will apologise if I am at the wrong section and I thank anyone in advance for any replies. Just serviced the haldex on my 4mo and all good.I want to change the gearbox oil and just wanted a little advise please. Have been told you need this mad socket to drain the oil is this true? Also I have been told the gearbox takes 2.8 litres which also feeds the transfer box. Is this correct or do you need to fill the tbox separately. 1 more thing.lol. TPS tell me gearbox and rear diff oil are same oil but vw say rear diff oil is different. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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