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  1. It’s not the tyres as I’ve have 3 sets of wheels for it and it does the same on all of them. I’m starting to think the issue lies with the haldex pump itself and continually activating or pulsing.
  2. Hey guys. This one has me stumped. My MK4 4MO is very very twitchy in the wet. This morning on my way to a course it felt like it was aqua planing all over the road. I couldn’t go over 60 mph as it was just to dangerous. The tyres are all fairly new although the budget end of the market. It does this on the oem 16’s with winter tyres too. The car has lowering springs and shocks and my mechanic says all the bushes are in good order. I’ve serviced the haldex etc but haven’t changed the diff oil yet. In the dry the car behaves fine but as soon as it’s inclement the b
  3. I think I’m going to get the 034 motorsports fuel pump holder/surge tank and mount that in the bay. I’ve been looking at all in tank pumps and none will give any head room and I definitely don’t want a surge tank etc in the boot or a 044 screaming under the car. Nor do I want to faff about trying to make a pump fit into the oem basket. Also in the clutch department does anyone know if the 02M tdi clutches and flywheels fit. Can’t get a definative answer bar the teeth and clutch size appear to be the same. I can get a high torque Sachs unit and SMF from darkside for a reasonable pr
  4. Clutch won’t be an issue for me as my Bora has a SMF lightened flywheel with a helix 4 puk clutch. I’m well used to the heaviness of it. The wife’s Toledo also had an American clutch and flywheel which I can’t remember the name of. Both noisy but the Bora is seriously noisy with the lighter flywheel. The golf isn’t a daily sin no worries there. I’m trying to build a degree of headroom into the car for the future too. I’m not wanting to invest in stand-alone now. Injector dynamics do a 725 is this easier to tune on ME7 or should I be looking into Bosch or Siemens? I’m s
  5. Awesome!! Good to see the X-Parts too as I’ve just bought their short runner for my 4MO
  6. Work to do in the immediate future is a fuel filter change and also service the haldex unit along with oil changes for the rear diff and gearbox too.
  7. Then it was time to start gathering parts for the turbo build which hasn’t progressed to far, as I was made redundant and couldn’t justify spending money on it bar essential maintenance etc. My list of parts is as follows Manifold T3 Turbo PTE BB 62/66 CEA GenII .82AR Wastegate PTE 39mm SP oil filter housing for feed Short Runner Oil cooler 4” mag Custom DP 1000cc injectors probably ID 1000’s 044 fuel pump in surge tank Spacer gasket 8.5:1 Arp head studs Aem wideband Boost controller Ebay FMI
  8. I also put the Bora wheels on for a road trip in Southern Ireland.
  9. Then the mods began and I picked up a dirt cheap Miltek cat back, custom cat delete pipes, ramair CAI, some used BBS CH replica wheels, and I added some bora sport clocks with miles to empty and the needle sweep.
  10. Now the real reason I joined up and enough of the diesel nonsense. Originally as I said I bought this 02 4MO with the intention of using it as a donor car for my Bora but that’s probably not going to happen. This was a cheap 108k 4MO I picked up for £1500 in 2017. It has factory xenons, heated sport leather, and full service history. As I bought it and after a darn good machine polish.
  11. Next we have the car I bought myself for my 24th birthday. This replaced a MK3 GTi 8v and was a totally standard Bora S model with steel wheels. I was it’s 2nd owner and it was only 2 years old when I bought it. I had the intention of making this 4 Motion eventually with the full drivetrain and motor from my Golf. I even bought a genuine 4 Motion Bora boot floor form the dealer but the more I plan the conversion the more I’m talking myself out of it. I may however buy a cheap V5 for parts and convert this form the derv it is now to the V5 and try a budget eBay turbo build. I
  12. Next up is the wife’s and kid carrier. A 2010 A6 Le Mans 2.0 CrTDI. Totally standard bar the full ceramic coating. Great comfy cruiser for the family and this was a very low mileage example. It replaced her rare Seat Toledo sport TDi that had a full Cupra kit, hybrid turbo, big brakes, and some 220bhp on tap.
  13. Ok first things first are the family wagons. Having owned VW’s since I was 23, I’ve not had that many tbh and still have one I bought myself for my 24th birthday (38 now). I’ve had two MK 3’s, a Polo breadvan and a random E36 318i touring before finally ending up with the four cars I have now. My daily is a boring old 05 Passat Highline Derv which I bought as a Cat D at well less than market value. It was a one owner car and had been serviced exceptionally well. I had the whole thing pained when some numpty in a DPD van decided he would just indicate and
  14. GavinNI

    Hi all

    Hi peeps, I’ve been registered from 2011 but never posted. Shame on me. I have a 4 VAG group cars just now with 3 being derv and one a 02 V6 4MO golf. I reside in Northern Ireland so am mostly in the sticks as they say. hoping for plenty of advice and tips as I’m eventually planning on turbocharging it. Will start a what’s in the fleet thread laters. Cheers Gavin
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