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  1. Ignition Coilpack required

    Has anyone got a cheap working VR6 coilpack they are willing to part with? Mine has stopped working on two cylinders. Alternatively has anyone had any experience with the ones sold from (maxspeedingrods) priced only at £46 delivered.
  2. front grill

    Today some scrotey little toerag thieved my VR6 front grill, so now I am on the lookout for a replacement. Diamond black c/w badges.
  3. Clutch stays down... sometimes

    My clutch has started being weird sometimes in traffic, it does not fully return, have to sort of hook your foot around the pedal then it will be alright for ages. What's that about? recently fitted a new slave cylinder because I though that may be playing up.
  4. Vr6 golf for sale

    what condition is the engine and gearbox?
  5. Gearbox for vr6 highline

    My final drive has gone sloppy and making a racket so i really need a replacement box if anyone can help. No scene tax please.
  6. play in drive

    On the look-out now for a replacement 2nd hand unit. Will the VR take a gearbox from any other mk3's?
  7. Ignition switch replacement

    ... why is b- close bracket a smiley face?
  8. Ignition switch replacement

    Managed to free up the lock with repeated spraying of WD40 and cleaning the black sludge that oozed out. Key works fine now but; a) No steering lock Radio has to be turned off manually now. c) Play in steering column where there was none before. I reckon I will have to dismantle it all again, but that's a job for another day.
  9. play in drive

    My Highline has started to sound a bit whirry and there seems to be play where the driveshafts meet the gearbox. is this fixable or a replacement gearbox?
  10. Ignition switch replacement

    oh what a faff. got the whole column out, had to heat of the splined shaft and bash it off with large hammer. replaced the ignition switch no problem. On re-assembly seemed the steering column was now too short (wtf)! Think issue with telescopicness or something. managed to knock the tube out a little, it fitted eventually. (bearing in mind that I was fitting all this on the roadside at night with a pen torch gripped between my teeth). Test drive proved successful so I let wifey take it to work. She rings me this afternoon to say key won't turn anymore. Grrr!
  11. Ignition switch replacement

    No I don't, but it is like a two legged puller with a cross member that tightens across it. Although i've just watched summat on youtube that shows the switch can be replaced by just taking out the steering column and accessing a screw from the back of the housing, so I'm gonna try that next.
  12. The ignition switch on my 96 Highline has given up the ghost. I've dismantled everything as far as the steering column but I cannot get the splined shaft off with the 3 legged puller that I have. Any ideas where i can get a puller from that looks like the one in the Haynes manual.
  13. psilosimon

  14. Headlamp

    I'm gonna hold fire for a minute, managed to bodge it in place for mot, fingers crossed.