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  1. Induction Kit

  2. Induction Kit

    The engine makes a great sound already. [emoji16] I think VW did a good job with the air box, just use a good filter on it. [emoji41] But I’m guessing it’s the extra sound you are after. [emoji1303]
  3. Induction Kit

    Don’t do it. [emoji16]
  4. Don’t you just love them! [emoji7] I would of posted a fresh one, but not seen the car since October. [emoji3064]
  5. Coolant leak

    I second that
  6. New VR6 owner

    Drain the fuel replace fuel filter. Drain oil put new oil in there with new filter. Put some Oil down the cylinders as well. Turn it over with the master HT lead off, so the car will not fire up. Once you have oil moving around the engine, car should be ok to fire up. Good luck with the sunroof, that’s one of hardest parts to get so I’m told.
  7. Corrado long shot

    That’s a shame I was sure someone would of had them.
  8. Corrado long shot

    Yeah it’s running old software, so I understand. I’ve have the same issues turning off private mode helps some times.
  9. Corrado long shot

    Get on the Corrado forum. I known there are some big hoarders on there. [emoji16][emoji1303] http://the-corrado.net/forum.php
  10. A sad day. Selling the rado..

    Good luck with the sale. [emoji1303] I was thinking of selling mine, but the market for them seems dead. Where golfs just seem to be on the up.
  11. fotting new engine today

    Happy dayz, I bet your pleased [emoji16]
  12. fotting new engine today

    Hehe I bet. Great job there.
  13. fotting new engine today

    Hehe auto correction is great! Nice one I bet your are well pleased. [emoji41]