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  1. Corrado VR6 for sale (Bodywork Issues)

    Hi It’s a tuff one. To start wrong time of the year to sell. Condition is a big factor. Rust hmm well If i see rust on the body work it would make me think what about the rust I can’t see! Let’s not forget demand, which I don’t think there is much for the Corrado. I own one and love them, but let’s face it parts are nightmare to get. So even tho £4000 maybe good there are a lot of factors that would put people off. I hope this helps some.
  2. Ignition Coilpack required

    I agree [emoji1303]
  3. Lovely well looked after Corrado. [emoji106][emoji2532]
  4. Nice [emoji106][emoji2532]
  5. Sweet good luck for the weekend. [emoji106][emoji2532]
  6. novice from Spain

    Sweet my wife has a bora TDI tho. But what a car it just keeps going. Nice to see. [emoji1303] I currently have a golf ed30 and a Corrado vr6
  7. novice from Spain

    Hello Welcome along, you sound busy [emoji2]
  8. Cracking wheels, but I can’t help thinking it looked better with the gold wheels. [emoji1303] What is the ride like with them fitted?
  9. Storm Developments Or Stealth

    What did you decide to do in the end?
  10. Very nice [emoji1303]
  11. Strange things are a foot!
  12. Get it on a computer to see what is being logged.
  13. VW Golf MK3 VR6 (Mystic Bue) £3000 ONO

    Good luck with the sale.
  14. VR6 12v Not Starting

    Sounds like something has come lose. I would get the system fully checked
  15. Lovley good luck with the sale.