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  1. Hehe sweet I think I had to many drinks when replying to you, I had in my head it was you heater. Here Glad it’s sorted [emoji1303]
  2. Check the contacts on the heater unit and the heater switch. Mine had corroded on the heater unit plug.
  3. Smell/power loss

    There’s not a lot of activity on this forum now days, maybe worth trying Facebook groups.
  4. Account help

    If it was via PayPal you can just cancel from there , if it was with card call the bank.
  5. VR6 Highline badges

    DOH [emoji856]
  6. Wanted golf Vr6 3 door

  7. Does anyone recognise this car.

    Last mot stated the following if that helps
  8. VR6 Highline badges

    I don’t think there is.
  9. Golf v6 4motion BDE

    Sweet as [emoji41] Happy dayz indeed [emoji1303]
  10. Golf v6 4motion BDE

    Three year old post unsure if they are still about. Welcome to the party [emoji3060]
  11. Vr6 Corrado for sale

    Nice looking Corrado.
  12. [SOLD] mk3 Golf Vr6

    What he said. The days of cars as we know it, is coming to an end enjoy it before it’s to late and gov tax them off the road.
  13. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the party [emoji3060] Enjoy that lovely vr6 [emoji1303]
  14. [SOLD] mk3 Golf Vr6

    The car looks nice and clean. Unsure on price, but on the condition of car I think it’s fair price. The only thing going against it is the time of year. I would hold on it if you can until Spring. Would be a shame to let it go to cheap.
  15. Hi all

    Hello and welcome to the party.