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  1. Corrado long shot

    That’s a shame I was sure someone would of had them.
  2. Corrado long shot

    Yeah it’s running old software, so I understand. I’ve have the same issues turning off private mode helps some times.
  3. Corrado long shot

    Get on the Corrado forum. I known there are some big hoarders on there. [emoji16][emoji1303] http://the-corrado.net/forum.php
  4. A sad day. Selling the rado..

    Good luck with the sale. [emoji1303] I was thinking of selling mine, but the market for them seems dead. Where golfs just seem to be on the up.
  5. fotting new engine today

    Happy dayz, I bet your pleased [emoji16]
  6. fotting new engine today

    Hehe I bet. Great job there.
  7. fotting new engine today

    Hehe auto correction is great! Nice one I bet your are well pleased. [emoji41]
  8. Still looking great [emoji1303] new wheels are very nice.
  9. best sites for Android?

    Why did you Need to dig this old post up for!
  10. Mk3

    Nice rear end hehe [emoji16][emoji1303]
  11. Vw Golf Vr6 Supercharged

    Good luck with the sale. You may want to add the cars milage.
  12. 1st Post - Advice Needed!

    I have no experience with conversions, but Check the chains and check for oil leaks. Also check all electric switches are working. Good luck.
  13. Thank you very much. [emoji7]
  14. Nice and clean. [emoji41]
  15. OMG Bit of a journey there bud, at least you got an answer. Hoping you get this sorted, so you can start enjoying the motor. [emoji1303]